Netflix Premieres: This week two disturbing ‘thrillers’, an anime based on a well-known video game and the outcome of a successful trilogy

The Spanish ‘Alma’, ‘Dualidad’ and ‘365 more days’ stand out among the novelties that arrive on the platform.

A new week begins and once again Netflix is ​​ready to offer you the best audiovisual entertainment in series or movie format. For the next seven days, the N’s streaming service brings news as appealing as the Spanish thriller Alma, the anime Tekken: Linaje and the drama Dualidad, among others.

For the most moviegoers, these days the third part of the successful drama 365 days and the romantic comedy My Two Lives are added to the platform’s catalog.

Then you can check the series and movies that premiere on Netflix from August 15 to 21.


Tekken: Lineage

Netflix continues to shape its anime catalog and this week it incorporates Tekken: Lineage, the fiction inspired by the well-known video game saga of the same name. The plot focuses on Jin Kazama, a young man who during his childhood had the honor of learning traditional martial arts thanks to his mother. When she is killed by a powerful force of evil, a broken Jin vows that he will seek revenge. To do this, he embarks on a journey to find an absolute power that allows him to finish off the person who took away what he most wanted.

Premiere: August 18th


One of the novelties that lands this week in the platform’s series catalog is the Spanish ‘thriller’ Alma. The plot follows Alma, a young woman who, after having suffered a traffic accident, wakes up in a hospital without remembering anything that happened. She is the only survivor of the accident in which the bus in which she was traveling with her classmates was involved. Back home, she soon begins to suspect that everything the people around her are telling her is a lie and she fears that they are only trying to make her believe that she is someone else.

Premiere: August 19


Duality is the title of the new miniseries that you can see on Netflix starting this week. Starring Michelle Monaghan, the film tells the story of Leni and Gina, two twin sisters who have shared a controversial secret since they were just girls. Both have been exchanged numerous times to impersonate each other in different situations. This way of acting continues into adulthood and Leni and Gina come to share a family. The problem comes when Leni disappears without a trace. This fact leads Gina to face a series of decisions that could put her loved ones at risk.

Premiere: August 19

Netflix premieres August 2022 (series): This month one of the most anticipated fictions, the new Spanish ‘thriller’ and the third season of two old acquaintances

where there was fire

Where there was fire is the title of another of the new series that Netflix premieres this week. The story focuses on Poncho, a man who, after discovering that his brother has been murdered, decides to pass himself off as a firefighter in order to find the criminal responsible for the event.

Premiere: 17 of August

Premiere: August 19

  • Makeup Artists (Season 4)

Premiere: August 19


365 more days


In the movies section, this week you can find the romantic drama 365 more days, the third installment of the fiction based on the literary trilogy by Blanca Lipinsk. The plot begins after the fatal outcome of the second part. Laura and Massimo are not going through their best moment as a married couple, and as if that were not enough, the latter decides to launch a war against one of the most important rival mafias in the country.

Premiere: August 19

my two lives

the romantic comedy my two lives It is another of the titles that are incorporated into the Netflix movie catalog this week. About to graduate from high school, Natalie’s life is divided into two parallel realities. In one of them, the young woman lives in Texas and gets pregnant, while in the second she moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams.

Premiere: 17 of August

Premiere: 17 of August

Premiere: 20th of August

Netflix premieres August 2022 (films): This month one of vampires from the creators of ‘John Wick’, the third part of a successful drama and a powerful Spanish ‘thriller’


Premiere: August 19

Premiere: August 16th

  • barbie and the three musketeers

Premiere: August 16th

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