Netflix reveals its plans to prevent account sharing

A week ago, Netflix revealed that it will begin to limit sharing the password of an account with other people from the month of March, which has caused a stir and confusion among Internet users.

However, how will the giant streaming platform prevent this from happening?

The company revealed its plans on Wednesday in a recent update to its help center, in which it emphasized that the actions will focus on sanctioning those members who share their services with a person who lives in a different property from theirs.

According to Netflix, now all accounts must have a “primary location”, so members of the same household can continue using that account without any repercussions.

However, the platform will ask its users to designate said location by integrating information about the Wi-Fi connection of that residence every 31 days to prevent that account from being blocked.

According to Yahoo! Finance, the company confirmed that it will use information such as IP addresses, device identification and account activity to determine if a device connecting to that account is connecting from that particular location.

Therefore, when someone accesses it from a device that is not part of the primary location, or if the account is accessed persistently from another location, it is likely that the account will also be blocked.

To avoid this setback, the account owner may authorize that device through the use of a temporary code that will last for a consecutive week. However, it is unknown if he will be able to request the same again when this provisional period ends.

With this new information, it is also unclear if Netflix intends to generate new subscription plans that include sub-accounts used from other households.

Previously, Netflix co-owner Greg Peters acknowledged in an interview with the entertainment magazine Variety that this initiative “will not be a universally popular move” and that it will provoke “a bit of a cancellation reaction”, similar to when they announced the increase in your rates.

This measure was already being tested in Peru, Costa Rica and Chile, with the aim of seeing how it affected active subscriptions. However, many users noted that this policy was confusing and that there was no obligation to follow the rule.

Netflix launched a new cheap plan with ads in late 2022 at $6.99 a month. While it’s not yet available worldwide, it’s a way to make up for the loss of subscribers it had last year.

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