Netflix series ‘Depp vs. Heard’ is nothing more than a joke for Amber Heard

new series’Depp Vs. heard‘ Of Netflix This is causing controversy, as it has been touted as a jibe that mocks the actress, Amber Heardand has been criticized by users because throughout the series he simply left the actress as ignorant, and “thrown flowers” at Captain Jack Sparrow’s famous interpreter, Johnny DeppA tactless victory for pro-Johnny fans only.

The digital streaming platform’s most recent docu-series covers the controversial and explosive lawsuit faced by two celebrities Hollywoodfor defamation and domestic abuse, a fact that divided the internet, where two sides were created, those who supported Johnny Depp and those who swore innocence of Amber Heard, a situation that generated controversy on social networks.

Now, New Docu-Series ‘Depp Versus’ Directed by ‘Herd’ Emma Cooperit’s been tough criticized That’s right, in the series to ‘pick a side’ and ridicule the other, Amber Heard is ridiculed, ignored, according to fans of the controversy neutral position

This is believed to be the interpretation of this documentary, leading many to say that a lack of tact and empathy is the main ‘plot’.

To build this project, Emma Cooper decided to choose a wide variety of audio-visual material from various sources, from comments youtubePodcasts, TikTok videos and even various memes from social networks, where he describes different perspectives on the ordeal that both the personalities had to face. HollywoodAlthough you can see the intent of the director, it’s about showing which side is telling the truth, rather than what this trial means for the culture, many users of the forum have said that nothing like this happens in the series. not seen before or new account relevant information,

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