Netflix: Set it up: The imperfect plan

Harper Moore is the assistant to Kirsten Stevens, a former journalist now serving as an editor for a newspaper empire. Charlie Young is the assistant to venture capitalist Rick Otis. Both work in the same building, but they had never met until one day they meet and decide to make a plan to marry their bosses and get rid of them.

“Set it up: the imperfect plan” is a Netflix original feature film released on June 15, 2018. Starring Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell, this is a simple romantic comedy perfect to watch when you want to be distracted.

The premise is not complex, but in my opinion it is well executed. I found the script very funny at times, although sometimes certain reactions on the part of the characters seemed a bit exaggerated.

The formula of romantic comedies is familiar to us and there is something comforting about them. There are times when you want to see something predictable that you already know how it will be and how it will end, “Set it up: the imperfect plan” is ideal for those days when you want to see something easy to digest.

If you like romantic comedies then you can’t miss this movie. It is currently available on Netflix.


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