Netflix would be considering including live content on its platform

Netflix continues to look for new ways to attract users to its platform, and at the same time avoid the great drain of subscribers that it has experienced in the last year, for this it is considering strategies such as creating cheaper subscriptions in which advertisements can be included, as well as the creation of live content or more reality shows.

This has been confirmed by Deadline, whose platform sources have confirmed that Netflix would already be working on formats such as contests in which viewers could vote who stays and who goes, for example, his new dance talent, Dance 100, created by Studio Lambert, the same from The Circle.


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Based on this, Netflix would also be considering recovering its Is a Joke festival featuring more than 300 stand-up comedians from across Los Angeles, including Dave Chappelle, Larry David and Pete Davidson. This festival, as well as the contests that are being considered for the first time, could be broadcast live according to the plans of the VOD service.

Another option that Netflix is ​​considering, is to start making meetings of series or programs with a large audience, as HBO Max has already done with series such as Friends or the Harry Potter franchise, both with great audience success. However, according to Deadline, the company’s new line of action is based, above all, on developing contests and reality shows.

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In fact, this type of audiovisual content is the one with which Netflix has experimented the most in recent years, since it is the only one with which it has dared to make different forms of premiere, since instead of releasing all the episodes of a season at once, it has done so on a regular basis to keep the mystery of its protagonists.

If Netflix finally decides to launch into the world of live content, the question remains as to whether this is going to make the streaming service fully immerse itself in sports content, a possibility that has been flying through the minds of platform executives for years.

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