Netflix’s Persuasion with Dakota Johnson is a fun take on Austen’s classic

The first version trailer Persuasion from netflix with dakota johnson It has just been launched and we can have one thing clear: it is not going to look anything like everything we have seen so far.

The posthumous novel Jane Austen has had three adaptations, a miniseries in the 70s, a movie from 1995 and another one in 2007. Now comes the fourth from the hands of the streaming platform and from the first trailer you can already see that this version is intended to attract new fans.

For those who are not familiar with the work, Persuasion tells the story of Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth two young lovers who, because of her family, they are separated. 8 years later they meet again and everything is different. She still loves him but she must be willing not to follow the advice of her family that broke her heart in the past.

One of the features most representative of Anne Elliot, the protagonist of this story, is that it is one of the most mature and serious of all those created by Austen. This has made her a favorite of the author’s fans, but it does not seem that she will be one of the hallmarks of Johnson’s interpretation.

this Anne he addresses the viewer directly (or that’s what he does in the trailer, we’ll have to see if it’s also in the movie), it is somewhat more risky, it has cheeky moments even after the break with Wentworth… Netflix has added a funny touch that dakota johnson Drive like no one.

But the essence remains intactreciprocated but impossible love, Anne and Frederick’s pain for not being able to be together, his resentment, her love and the opportunity to do things right and not listening to others if they are not interested in their happiness, but their image.


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