Netflix’s risky bet, two of the strongest films of 2023 will be released at the same time

We all know that Netflix has found a safe value for its catalog in action movies with a great leading star. this is the 2023 we have seen Motherwith jennifer lopez, tyler rake 2with Chris Hemsworth, or agent stone With Gal Gadot. However, the strategy of releasing great films from great directors to contend for awards has been more forgotten. We haven’t seen any this year. Romenobody Irishnobody story of a marriage, Furthermore, it seems that Netflix wanted its highest quality movies to go unnoticed. It premiered the same weekend it was released in theaters. barbie And oppenheimer, Tyrone’s clone Which, with 94% unique critics and 100% audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, is her best film so far this 2023. You have a great little jewel that will go straight into your catalog and instead of publicizing it so it reaches more people, you secretly premiere it over the weekend so everyone will look the other way. It was an odd bet and hard to fathom, but it seems to have some consistency. Netflix is ​​going to release two of its best movies in the year 2023, rebel moon And Teacher almost at the same time.

rebel moon and teacher


Zack Snyder returns to Netflix with an ambitious new two-part sci-fi blockbuster. First, girl of fire, will arrive on Netflix on December 22. Second, war that leaves scars, it will do so on April 19, 2024. Ever since the trailer for the epic space odyssey starring Sofia Boutella came out, the network hasn’t been talking about anything else. yes from the first trailer and images TeacherThis year’s only Oscar-winning Netflix film that looks great (beyond the racial controversy over Bradley Cooper’s false nose) and pays attention will arrive on Netflix on December 20.

While betting on everything on Christmas is a more or less understandable strategy, it’s time to bet big on billboards as well. But it’s no less surprising that the first two swordsmen on the Netflix movie billboard this year, Zack Snyder and Bradley Cooper, take to the stage two days apart. We might think that these are two very different movies with different target audiences and we would be right… if we were talking about Billboard. It’s not like going to the movies on the weekend and choosing between Santiago Segura’s family comedy, a black and white film about the Holocaust, or the new Joker and Gore horror film.

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The condition is required even for the simple act of going to the movies and for the act of paying. On streaming platforms, the public is standardized as many viewers press play on the work that is on the cover of the platform, the one that is in the top 1 most viewed or simply the Netflix movie that everyone is talking about at that moment. Is. And all the posts with the above focus are going to be shared by these two films. Sure, you can watch both, Christmas is, after all, plenty, but Netflix has left us for the last ten days of the year without talking about its “author cinema.”

We’ll see if this is a new and successful strategy or whether it’s the bare minimum to save furniture. Which is to say, with Zack Snyder they bet on a filmmaker who has a lot of fans, Netflix’s name continues to be in the Oscar race with the Maestro… but they bet in real life, at the annual Billboard have put. Platform for star films, not for director. We hope we’re wrong, and Netflix wants to again be a refuge for projects from great filmmakers, or at least appears to be, that filmmakers no longer want to finance.

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