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New guidelines in Miss Universe

under the supervision of Anne JakrajutatipCEO of Thailand’s media and content conglomerate JKN Global Group, Miss Universe is determined to change her guidelines, with sash made from recycled yarns and fabrics, as well as the election of 16 crown contenders at the start, in place of 20.

During the swimsuit stage, the Misses must wear a cape painted by hand by an artist from their countries, with a theme of causes that they support. The crown, also new, is now called force for gooddesigned by the jeweler Fred Mouawadwith a 45.14 carat blue sapphire on top.

Anne Jakrajutatip
Anne Jakrajutatip wants to change the ‘core’ of Miss Universe for the better.

The intention of Jakrajutatip is to have a more inclusive, diverse and modern contest, so in future editions it is expected that women who are mothers, married and divorced will also be accepted, and the current winner requested an adjustment to the age limit to participate, which now he is 28 years old, just the ones who r’bonney have.

“It’s been a 70-year thing that the organization was dominated by men, but we’ve made a change, it’s time for women, to be the leaders. Welcome to the new era of the women’s power platform. Now it’s going to be something led by women for women, including transgender women,” said Anne.

Jakrajutatip doesn’t like Mexico?

Another of the commotions in cyberspace was that of considering that Anne It is not close to our country and chance fueled the theory, since there was only an error when they presented the winner of Miss Universe 2010 as a judge.Ximena Navarrete.

Netizens recalled that after the triumph of Andrea Meza In 2020, the millionaire expressed that there were many Latinas in the top 5 of that year and the Asian presence was missing; in her first year the winner has Filipino ancestry. Although the truth is that, recently, at the request of Omar Castorino, Anne He released an effusive “I love you, Latin America!”.

Anne Jakrajutatip and Andrea Meza
Anne Jakrajutatip and Andrea Meza had a very friendly meeting in November 2022.

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