Nevada congressman calls for investigation into undocumented immigrants released inside the US

This note was translated into Spanish and edited for brevity from a English Version.

Nevada Republican Congressman Mark Amodei joined a group of his party colleagues last week in calling for more information on reports that a wave of undocumented immigrants have been allowed into the US.

Amodei signed a letter dated February 14 in which all Republican members of the House Appropriations Committee ask Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to investigate reports that undocumented immigrants were released within The USA.

“Northern Nevadans are rightfully concerned about reports of illegal immigrants being released into our communities at taxpayer expense and deserve answers that shed light on the long-term impact of these actions,” Amodei said in a news release.

The letter takes place in the middle of a report from the New York Times stating that immigration officials have been overwhelmed by a growing number of undocumented immigrants seeking asylum after arriving at the southern border since last year.

It also indicates that some 94,000 undocumented immigrants have been allowed to enter under an accelerated “catch and release” process. (“catch and release”) what It consists of releasing those who were detained in processing centers while they await their hearing with an immigration judge.

Said process did not set court dates for the immigrants, but rather they were asked to register with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials within 60 days, clarified the Times. Local ICE offices were unable to provide appointments, allowing them to continue to contact ICE to begin their court proceedings.

In accordance with foxnewsDHS reported 153,941 migrant encounters last month, nearly double the 78,414 reported for January 2021 and more than quadruple the 36,585 that accumulated in January 2020.

DHS also confirmed that 62,573 migrants were released into the US last month, which is almost as many as entered between August and October of last year, according to Fox.

With control over the DHS budget, Amodei reaffirmed that he and his colleagues “look forward to a quick and comprehensive numerical breakdown from DHS that directly addresses these concerns so that we can take appropriate action to protect taxpayer dollars and keep communities safe.” families”.

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