Neve Campbell gives her take on Scream 6!

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  • Neve Campbell ultimately gave her opinion on Scream 6, saying that she really liked the story.
  • Although she is adamant that she deserves a fair salary, she says that what matters most to her is the health of the franchise and that she hopes her films are successful.
  • The producers of Scream want Neve Campbell to return for the seventh installment, but it is not known whether they will be able to negotiate better working conditions.

neve campbell played the lead role of the Scream, sydney prescott In the first film released in nineteen ninety six which gave way to a successful horror franchise and returned for the next three installments 1997, 2000 and 2011 Before passing the torch to the current leader, Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera) the Scream Of 2022,

Although it is said that the directors were very interested in this film. neve campbell Will remain a part of the franchise, the star turned down the invitation as the salary did not seem appropriate, not just because No character who had been a part of the franchise for 25 years was offered equivalent value, But because the average salary received by male actors was higher. Still, the actress recently detailed in an interview what she thinks about the most recent installment and the future of the saga.

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Neve Campbell declares herself a fan of Scream 6

According to ScreenRant, neve campbell participated in a round table in Monster-Mania Con 57 in which he talked about his unexpected departure from the slasher franchise and admitted that he has barely been able to watch scream 6 Even though it was released at the beginning of the year, “I didn’t see him until two weeks ago. It took me a while, I don’t know why! But I really thought they did a great job.” Said campbell,

The actress assured that one of the highlights of the film is the cast involved Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, Samara Weaving and of course, Courteney Cox. “These are really powerful, amazing actors and I wish there’s no ill will toward these movies.”, Despite differences with manufacturers, neve campbell He told that he always had high expectations and he did not want anything negative from her. “I care about everyone involved.”

campbell He said that, in the end, decisions about budget and how much each actor will be paid come from higher levels in the studio, not from the actors or directors. “There’s someone at the top who only thinks about money, and that’s their prerogative,” He added. “For everyone else, all I care about is that these movies are good. And it matters to you as much as I do, I know you love these movies. So I thought he did a great job.”

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Could Neve Campbell return in Scream 7?

Last year neve campbell He told that he is not interested in being a part of more films the Scream They pay her less since she is the lead star, because if she was a man, they would definitely have paid her properly. “As a woman in this business, I think it’s important to be valued and fight for that value.” declared, “Honestly, I think if I were a man and made five films of one of the most important horror stories for over 25 years, they wouldn’t have offered me the same amount of money that they offered me. “

Although the actress declared her love for the franchise and especially its fans, it is only fair that she fights for equal pay in Hollywood as it is quite common for men to earn more than women for exactly the same work. However, it is possible that the manufacturers are behind this the Scream They are reconsidering their decision and this may lead to the comeback of the actress.

Recently, the original creator of the Scream, kevin williamson asked to return Star in the upcoming seventh part. “I love her and I worship her, and what she asks is fair. I love everyone involved in Scream, and all I can say is: give him the money he deserves. “That’s what I’ll do, give him the money.” But it is still unknown whether neve campbell has considered renegotiating with Paramount.

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