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“Without prejudice to the fact that the emulo-fascist aggression against the CGIL was condemned by me without ifs and buts, it is ignoble that the PD tries to attribute the events to Meloni, to the Brothers of Italy and to the center right in general. the fire of a fascism consigned to history, it is precisely the PD that makes propaganda. The PD itself, which never and I mean never, said a word about the proudly pro-terrorist parties that exist in South Tyrol and that I have been asking for years to dissolve or about Schützen, a real paramilitary body prohibited by article 18 of the Constitution “. Thus Michaela Biancofiore, member of the CI and Member of the national leadership.

The Donato on the green pass guts the government.  And Alessia Morani sbrocca

“Indeed – he continues – it was a minister of the interior of the Democratic Party who granted the Schützen the use of perfectly functioning weapons. And what weapons did this apparent folkloric group then decide to adopt for their ceremonies? The Mauser 98K carbine, or the Wehrmacht rifle. On the other hand, there have been more investigations into alleged links with neo-Nazi acronyms. Never heard my colleague Fiano intervene with the same vehemence as yesterday in the courtroom, despite being an exponent of the Jewish community. Absolute silence also as regards precisely the existence of the Südtirol Freiheit party, inspired by Eva Klotz and which deliberately praises the terrorists and South Tyrolean terrorism, which in the 1960s carried out 361 attacks and 21 deaths among civilians and police and military. And total silence of the PD on the fact that 10 meters from the municipality of Bolzano, led by the PD, there is right in the building of Südtirol Freiheit, for over a year the plaque and an exhibition of the BAS-Befreiungs ausshuss Südtirol – Committee for the Liberation of South Tyrol ”, that is the initials of the organization of the attacks. It shows that it praises irredentist terrorism, with the display of the bombs on which human lives have been lost and portraits of the terrorists Kerschbaumer, Oberleitner etc. “.

“So – concludes Biancofiore – the PD always confirms itself as the party of two weights and two measures and now after having reminded it of its inconsistency, I am sure that Letta and the center-left will also want to include Südtirol Freiheit among the parties for which to proceed with the dissolution and withdraw arms from the Schützen, given the violent air blowing in the country “.

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