New Apex Legends animated short suggests a legend can die

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has released a mini-episode of Kill Code, the animated series the studio began releasing in July. The new episode, titled “A Life For A Life,” is a teaser of sorts, with the announcement that a trailer for Kill Code: Part 4 will be released on Monday, November 27.

The abbreviated episode released today focuses on the aftermath of Kill Code: Part 3, which saw Loba pull a gun on his girlfriend and fellow legend, Valkyrie, when she hesitated to hand over Revenant’s source code, something Loba has been searching for. tirelessly since his arrival. in season 5. The episode shows Valkyrie appearing to break up with Loba and leaving her alone with her thoughts. But of course, the moment the door closes behind her, a familiar voice echoes from somewhere in the room: Revenant.

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“Live happily ever after, that’s what you said you wanted,” the undead assassin growls from the shadows. “Instead, you destroyed your life to make sure I continued to suffer. I hope it was worth it.”

Loba ignores him, but visibly flinches when she turns around and finds him standing directly behind her.

“Your life or mine. Which do you want more?” he asks her.

Before Loba can respond, Lifeline arrives unannounced, eager to share news about Torres Silva, Octane’s grandfather and the game’s current main antagonist. The doctor stops mid-sentence, clearly confused at seeing the unlikely couple so close and with no weapons in hand.

“I’ll even let you pull the trigger,” Revenant continues.

He’s hinting at an alliance between him and Loba, whose sole goal for several seasons has been to locate Revenant’s source code. In season 5, she came to the games and attempted to destroy the code, but only managed to destroy the entirety of Skull Town THEN in King’s Canyon. At the end of that season’s Broken Ghost questline, she discovered that destroying the code, which would effectively kill Revenant forever, would be fulfilling Revenat’s greatest wish. After 359 years of suffering endless deaths and rebirths, all the killer robot wants these days is a nice, long, permanent nap.

Loba eventually decided to give up on destroying the code, forcing Revenant to continue living as punishment for his many crimes, which included the murder of Loba’s parents. Instead, he gave the source code to his close friend and informant, Jaime, and told her to throw it into one of the broken Phase Runners on Olympus. But Jaime didn’t listen and told Loba that he had destroyed the code when in fact he hadn’t.

Starting last season, Revenant was reborn and given new abilities that no longer include the auto-respawn Death Totem he originally debuted with. The Death Totem in particular was a source of great pain and frequently commented on the agony he experienced every time he was resurrected. With a powerful new kit and no Death Totem in sight, it’s easy to overlook why Revenant is still so eager to die.

Loba seems to have lost herself in her quest to make Revenant pay for her parents' deaths.
Loba seems to have lost herself in her quest to make Revenant pay for her parents’ deaths.

The truth is, his new powers (and physical appearance) came at a price: Torres Silva made the upgrades without Revenant’s knowledge, and now appears to have some control over the simulacrum. He has monitored the legends remotely for months, setting up cameras around his favorite places, and it is possible that he is using Revenant as another set of eyes so he can keep track of the other legends. It’s also unlikely that Silva would bother equipping Revenant with an entirely new body and skill set if he wasn’t planning to use those skills for his own nefarious purposes.

All previous episodes of Kill Code were released without a trailer, so the fact that Part 4 is receiving a trailer suggests that it may be longer and more dramatic than previous episodes. Respawn has confirmed that the animated series will continue until the end of the year, so it’s possible that the next episode of Kill Code will be the last. Of course, as a playable character, it’s unlikely that Revenant will end up dead, but after last season, it’s clear that Respawn isn’t afraid to let the game’s plot affect the gameplay, and narrative lead Ashley Reed recently confirmed that the Death is actually on the table this time.

“Relationships will be tested and torn apart, and maybe not everyone will make it out alive,” Reed said in an interview with The Gamer last August. “I’m serious this time.”

The Kill Code: Part 4 trailer will air on Monday, November 27, 2023 at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET.

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