New collaboration reveals exciting luxury car gaming experience

In a groundbreaking partnership, PUBG Mobile has joined forces with renowned Italian hypercar manufacturer, Pagani SpA, to create an unparalleled gaming company. From November 10 to January 7, PUBG Mobile players will have the extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in a world where high-performance luxury cars collide with high-octane action.

Pagani, famous for its exquisite limited-production hypercars that seamlessly blend artistic brilliance with engineering excellence, offers players the opportunity to get behind the wheel of iconic vehicles. These legendary models include the stunning Pagani Imola and the adrenaline-pumping Pagani Zonda R. These vehicles come with a wide variety of customization options, allowing players to select between official livery, solid color, color blocking, and exclusive collaboration colors.

The vehicles themselves aren’t the only interesting aspect of this partnership. PUBG Mobile players can also enhance their in-game experience with a range of exclusive Pagani-themed items, including the Pagani Parachute, Driver Cover, Driver Top, Driver Bottom, and Driver Shoes . These items, along with Pagani vehicles, are integrated into the PUBG Mobile Collection system, offering a progressive rewards system for players. Collecting all seven collaboration vehicles will unlock a unique title.

Expressing his anticipation for this collaboration, Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG Mobile Publishing at Tencent Games, said: “Our partnership with Pagani, synonymous with high performance and luxury in the automotive industry, injects an electrifying new dimension into the battlefields in which PUBG Mobile hopes our players will enjoy.”

Michael Staskin, CEO of PAGANI AUTOMOBILI AMERICA, INC., echoed this sentiment and described the collaboration as a celebration of precision and excellence. Staskin said: “Together, we aim to spark a passion for speed and sophistication in gaming enthusiasts and performance car fans alike.”

From gaming enthusiasts to car enthusiasts, this extraordinary collaboration promises a fusion of two worlds not to be missed. The PUBG Mobile x Pagani partnership will captivate players from November 10 to January 7, allowing them to experience the thrill of luxury cars on virtual battlefields.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long will the PUBG Mobile x Pagani collaboration last?
A: The collaboration will run from November 10 to January 7.

Q: What vehicles are included in the collaboration?
A: Players will have the opportunity to drive the Pagani Imola and the Pagani Zonda R.

Q: Are there customization options for vehicles?
A: Yes, players can choose from several customization options including official liveries, solid colors, color blocking, and exclusive collaboration colors.

Q: What other Pagani themed items are available?
A: In addition to vehicles, players can also enjoy Pagani-themed items such as parachutes, driver covers, t-shirts, pants and shoes.

Q: Can players unlock rewards through the PUBG Mobile Collection system?
A: Yes, collecting cars from this collaboration will unlock progressive in-game rewards, with a unique title awaiting those who collect all seven vehicles.

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