New concept art for The Last of Us multiplayer, and Neil Druckmann reveals how many games the saga has sold in total

There is no doubt that The Last of Us It is one of the great video game sagas of all time. It all started back in 2013, when Naughty Dog took their Uncharted trilogy a step further and brought us a masterpiece on PlayStation 3.

Almost ten years have passed since then (the tenth anniversary of The Last of Us is celebrated in June), as well as three different versions of the first game, a DLC, an excellent sequel and very soon a TV series.

The Last of Us succeeds because it’s a unique game. It does not matter how many infected attack us, because the real enemy was, is and will be the human being. Few games are so raw and realistic.


Analysis The Last of Us Part I Is the remake for PS5 worth it?

It is almost certain that The Last of Us Part III is the next main game in the saga… but first it will be time to enjoy a multiplayer game that will exceed all our expectations (it will not be another Factions mode).

And that’s not to mention the HBO Max series, which opens in style on January 15. These are good times to faithfully follow The Last of Us saga, of course.

An exciting 2023 for Naughty Dog and its most successful saga

Through the study’s official website, the vice president Neil Druckman (the visible face of the saga) has shared a warm New Year’s message, and reveals the keys to the success of The Last of Us in its almost 10 years of life.

The next month of June will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the IP, and at Naughty Dog they are delighted with the current status of the franchise. The Last of Us is a resounding success on all levels.

Our team could never have imagined over a decade ago that the core of what was The Last of Us would have such a profound impact on our lives and the lives of so many of you.”.

The Last of Us (TV Series)

Druckmann reveals a fact that we were unaware of, and that shows that The Last of Us is not only excellent at critical levels, but also one of the most successful sagas today.

The Last of Us franchise has sold a total of 37 million games from that month of June 2013 to the present day (updated to December 2022).

It is an overwhelming number, if we take into account that, actually, there are only two games. Of course, remember that the first The Last of Us has three editions: the original for PS3, the remastered for PS4 and the remake for PS5.

The Last of Us multiplayer

The fourth version will arrive on March 3, which will also mark the debut of The Last of Us beyond PlayStation. It will be time to launch The Last of Us Part I on PC.

It’s been an incredible 10 years, and learning about our characters’ journey has meant so much to so many of you that it moves our team. Thank you for your support and appreciation for the work our teams do.”.

As a key point of the statement, Druckmann has shared some new art from the upcoming The Last of Us game, which will be a Factions-inspired online multiplayer title. The project is being led by Vinit Agarwal, Joe Pettinati and Anthony Newman.

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For now we do not know much more. In principle, the project was born from the “ashes” of the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us Part II, which was converted as a new independent game.

When did you first play The Last of Us? What are your wishes for the third main game in the series? Before that, it will be time to taste that multiplayer The Last of Us that looks so good, and of course watch the HBO Max series with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey at the helm.

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