New confrontation: the reason that led to the dispute between Gerard Pique and Shakira

All gossip portals came to a standstill after their separation last year. Gerard Piqué and amid rumors of Shakira’s infidelity, which were later confirmed. After defining where each person would live, custody of the children, and what would happen to the assets they would share, everything seemed to settle down. In any case, this did not happen and the struggle continues.

The former Catalan footballer flaunts himself with Clara Chia Marti and the Barranquilla woman continues her career in the music industry. Even the hit he dedicated to him with Bizarap, in which he told everything about living in ridicule, is still remembered. However, it seems Gerard Piqué When he found out about the attitude of the singer to Sasha and Milan, who were the fruit of their 12-year relationship, he must have screamed in heaven.

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