New Fortnite OG map ‘Season 7’, weapon loot pool changes this week

Fortnite OGThe Season 7 revival is one of many Chapter 1 maps we’re looking at as part of C4S5’s shortened season and weekly update schedule.

The month-long season began in the last era of 2018 with Chapter 1, Season 5 and continues this week bringing back Chapter 1, Seasons 7 and 8. The weekly updates of this season will take a tour of the second half of Season 1, with updates every Thursday revealing new (old) weapons and vehicles from the past.

Let’s talk about everything new (well, everything old that’s new again) in the Fortnite OG Week 3 update.

Fortnite OG map changes for Season 7 update

Image: Epic Games via Polygon

He fortnite The map continues to be modeled on the Chapter 1 map, this time around Seasons 7 and 8.

There’s a big change this week with the return of icy flights THEN in the southwest of the island. However, no other points of interest from season 7 returned.

Fortnite OG Weapon Loot Set for Season 7 Update

Image: Epic Games

As Fortnite OG continues its fast-paced season, a third round of weapons has been released for Fortnite OG Chapter 4 Season 7.

  • flint gun
  • machine gun
  • Quad launcher
  • drum gun
  • tactical submachine gun
  • combat shotgun

There is also the return of equipment such as:

  • poison dart trap
  • Detailed glider redeployment
  • Buried treasure
  • balloons

What has been skipped in Fortnite OG season 7?

Unfortunately, we also said goodbye to some weapons and loot items from Season 7. Some of the items that have been (re)saved include:

  • Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
  • double barrel shotgun
  • Light machine gun
  • Semi-automatic sniper rifle
  • six shooters
  • Suppressed gun
  • Suppressed submachine gun

Fortnite OG Vehicles for Season 7 Update

Image: Epic Games

The season 7 vehicles outside the vault are:

  • Stormwing X-4 planes
  • Pirate cannons

There is one more week of updates left before the new chapter, so we will have to wait another week for the return of players.

Want to unlock this season’s Battle Pass skins faster? You can find gnome locations for easy XP.

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