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Two ceremonies held on Thursday, January 19, summoned the new professionals with degrees in Nursing, Kinesiology, Medicine, and Nutrition and Dietetics, who completed their undergraduate training cycles.

These are 185 new professionals, who pledged to put their vocation at the service of the health of their future patients.

During the ceremony, Dr. Elvira Badilla Poblete delivered a message to graduates. “Give yourself the space to forget and start from scratch, that each day is not an eternal memory, but a moment to leave behind what you have learned and be available so that your minds can always learn something new. If we want to learn, says neuroscience, we must forget. Thomas Kuhn already said it in his structure of scientific revolutions: ‘to advance we must question the existing paradigms, enter into crisis, this will allow us to grow, open up to this new world that is presented to us full of new concepts and paradigms that are in permanent crisis’. Good luck for a lifetime of learning, thank you very much for trusting in the UCN and congratulations on this new stage”, she declared.

For her part, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Giselle Myer Morales, stated that “being a health professional implies being with people in the most difficult moments of their lives. In those moments of pain, overwhelm and vulnerability, which afflict not only them but also their families. And in the midst of a system that is sometimes ungrateful and individualistic, your cordial and empathetic treatment will be essential. I am convinced that during their formative years we have given them not only sufficient clinical knowledge, but also the tools to fulfill the role that society and its patients expect and deserve.”


In this context, the Faculty of Medicine awarded outstanding representatives of each of the careers, with the distinctions falling on the following students:

NUTRITION: Outstanding student, Ignacia Paz Tagle Cortés; Best student of Generation 2022, Ayleen Catalina Tirado Toro.

KINESIOLOGY: Outstanding student, ALEJANDRO MAYO MENA; Best student of Generation 2022, Victoria Andrea Araya Carvajal.

NURSING: Outstanding student, Felipe Letelier Muñoz; Best student of Generation 2022, Valentina Paz Ramos Leiva.

MEDICINE: Outstanding student, Romina Esperanza Rojas Robles; Best student of the Generation 2022, Ornella Marie Onetto Díaz.

For those who received awards during the ceremony, the recognition represents a reward for the effort, as revealed by the nutritionist, Ignacia Tagle Cortés, for whom it is “a reflection of the effort during all these years, as well as the camaraderie that is generated in the networks with my colleagues, which allowed -in my case- to obtain a good performance, but obviously, it went hand in hand with teamwork”.

“It is a very important moment that reflects my personal achievements and also that of my family, who have supported me unconditionally. Receiving the recognition was very exciting and is a reflection of my effort and my achievements”, explained the medical student, Ornella Onetto Díaz.

In addition, as is tradition, the Faculty of Medicine presented the “Constanza Pedreros Beroíza” award in recognition of the deceased medical student, who stood out for her love of life, her patients, generosity, solidarity, humility and camaraderie, qualities that made her deserve the affection and admiration of her classmates, teachers and academy support staff.

Said award was received by Macarena Ledezma Arancibia and Darinka Núñez Torres, graduates in Nutrition and Dietetics, and Nursing, respectively.

In relation to the recognition, the student Darinka Núñez Torres explained that it represents a source of pride. “This award makes a difference because it is about representing values, which is very important if you are studying a health career. I was very surprised, I didn’t think they would recognize me among so many people. I feel very proud and happy,” she expressed.


For new health professionals, the milestone of graduation ceremonies represents a moment of reflection on their past and also on their projections.

“It is a moment of personal fulfillment, an achievement, a goal accomplished, which has been possible thanks to the support of family and friends. It is the closing of a cycle and the beginning of an adult stage, with responsibilities and new goals to continue fulfilling”, indicated the now nurse, Felipe Alzamora Díaz.

Opinion shared by Sophia Jofré Olivares, graduate of Kinesiology. “I am very happy, it is a goal that one sees as far away and when the day comes it is very exciting. As time went by I fell in love with the degree and the boarding school made me confirm that I had chosen my profession well. Today I want to continue studying to continue improving myself, for example, in cardiorespiratory diseases, so that I hope I can continue my studies in this area, ”she declared.

Health with vocation, commitment and excellence will be the watchword of this new generation of graduates, who recognize the value that their work represents for the well-being of their future patients and for the development of the entire community.


Academic Degree of Bachelor of Medicine, Professional Title of Surgeon and Surgeon.

  1. Christopher Renato Nicolás Arce Pérez
  2. Angelica Maria Itrurrieta Pastrain
  3. Valentina Paz Mundaca Cespedes
  4. Karina Andrea Oyarce Oyarce
  5. Luis Miguel Peace Peace
  6. Daniel Felipe Rodriguez Carvajal
  7. Nelly Ester Sanchez Juica
  8. Nicole Alejandra Soto Ramirez
  9. Francisco José Testart Wiegand
  10. Sergio Andres Urbina Gonzalez
  11. Catalina Alicia Zamorano Saavedra
  12. Francisco Javier Allendes González
  13. Andres Israel Araneda Diaz
  14. Alex Araya Morales
  15. Barbara Jesus Betancour Valencia
  16. Elias Marcelo Bucarey Avendano
  17. Katia Andrea Cardenas Zelaya
  18. Christopher Ariel Collao Opazo
  19. Jorge Yohany Cortinez Meneses
  20. Javiera Paz Henriquez Coloma
  21. Cristhian Andrés Hormazábal Tabilo
  22. Simon Valentin Lepian Cortes
  23. Romina Victoria Lopez Castillo
  24. Valentina Eloisa López López
  25. Matias Gabriel Martinez Avalos
  26. Camila Rocío Ulda Montero Baier
  27. Ornella Marie Oneto Diaz
  28. Matías Ignacio Paredes Gorigoitía
  29. Kristian Matias Parra Cruzat
  30. Gonzalo Javier Pereira Placencia
  31. Sebastian Jorge Esteban Quinteros Correa
  32. Constanza Andrea Rocha Araya
  33. Maria Jose Rodriguez Tello
  34. Dove Natalia Rojas Barretas
  35. Romina Esperanza Cristina Rojas Robles
  36. Alexandra Ignacia Josefina Rubio Guaman
  37. Ignacio Mauricio Santos Grant
  38. Carolina Andrea Tapia Campo
  39. Christopher Francisco Valdivia Alfaro

Professional Title of Nurse and Nurse, Graduate and Graduate in Nursing.

  1. Felipe Sebastian Alzamora Diaz
  2. Nevenka Tatiana Angel Contreras
  3. Carlos Alonso Astudillo Lopez
  4. Maria Francisca Cáceres Pérez
  5. Pilar Andrea Campusano Rojas Did Not Confirm
  6. Luis Andres Carmona Lopez
  7. Milenka Angelica Cortés Cortés
  8. Franchesca Estephany Coss Morales
  9. Valentina Fernanda Duran Campos
  10. Geraldine Facuse Diaz
  11. Scarlet Yudicsa Gallardo Guerrero
  12. Kimberly Constanza Guerrero Guerero Did Not Confirm
  13. Javiera Catalina Irarrázabal Castro
  14. Felipe Ivan Letelier Munoz
  15. Kevin Brian Lopez Valenzuela
  16. Natalia Alejandra Morales Varas
  17. Catalina Carmen Luz Moran Cortes
  18. Darinka Vanessa Núñez Torres
  19. Claudia Valentina Ramirez Reyes
  20. Brayan Jesus Rojas Bravo
  21. Kamyla Ignacia Rojas Nunez
  22. Camila Fernanda Salinas Vergara Did Not Confirm
  23. Catalina Villalon Pizarro
  24. Maria Jose Araya Cerda
  25. Javier Enrique Barraza Fuentes
  26. Valentina Andrea Bermudez Veliz
  27. Antonia Carola Bravo Olguin
  28. Victoria Andrea Bravo Rivera
  29. Nicole Isabel Castillo Castillo
  30. Pascale Carolina De Santiago Castro
  31. Gabriela Esteffany Diaz Cortes
  32. Lucia Fernanda Lopez Pizarro
  33. Catalina Noelia Olivares Lopez
  34. Francisca Javiera Orquera Araya
  35. Valentina Paz Ramos Leiva
  36. Teresa del Pilar Romero Carvajal
  37. Daniela Abigail Saez Gonzalez
  38. Fernanda Jacqueline Tello Guaman
  39. Michelle Natalia Urra Troncoso
  40. Zaira del Pilar Vargas Bascur

Professional Title of Kinesiologist and Kinesiologist, Graduate and Graduate in Kinesiology.

  1. Stephania Ester Aguilera Aguilera
  2. Constanza Pierina Alvarez Sierralta
  3. Brandon Enrique Araya Tabilo
  4. Valeria Alejandra Aviles Diaz
  5. Mariana Sofia Belen Barrera Julio
  6. Danicza Macarena Barrios Cortes
  7. Maximiliano Antonio Cáceres Varela
  8. Constanza Pilar Campillay Contreras
  9. Catalina De Las Mercedes Castillo Mirror
  10. Javiera Antonia Cisternas Opazo
  11. Hamlet Rodrigo Cofré Valenzuela
  12. Marlenne Cubillos Alfaro
  13. Jorge Eduardo Cuellar Carrasco
  14. Lizett Romina Fernandez Rojas
  15. Miguel Alejandro Figueroa Quiroga
  16. Ruben Ignacio Flores Maldonado
  17. Carolina Isabel Gallardo Pasten
  18. Jose Alfredo Hernandez Ortuya
  19. Channitt Margarett Herrera Leiva
  20. Viviana Andrea Lagos Monje
  21. Belen De Los Angeles Lezcano Vera
  22. Alejandro Andres Mayo Mena
  23. Marcelo Giovanni Monárdez Elgueta
  24. Francisca Belen Muñoz Acuna
  25. Eduardo Patricio Munoz Pizarro
  26. Rocio Valeria Muñoz Treupil
  27. Nayareth Catalina Olivares Duran
  28. Yerko Papic Balladares
  29. Alejandro Andres Pino Merino
  30. Pilar Constanza Rivera Romero
  31. Francisca Macarena Toledo Rivera
  32. Cinthya Loreto Torrejon Rivera
  33. Alejandra Andrea Trujillo Silva
  34. Sofia Andrea Vergara Valdivia
  35. Vanessa Marlene Viera Fernandez
  36. Matias Eduardo Aguirre Diaz
  37. Victoria Andrea Araya Carvajal
  38. Matias Carmona Matamoros
  39. Livia Isamar Cortes Castillo
  41. Valentina Belen Dorador Martinez
  42. Maria Ignacia Escobar Escobar
  43. Diego Ignacio Esquivel Espinosa
  44. Tiare Andrea Flores Guevara
  45. Scarlett Stefania Fredes Ulloa
  46. Yulissa Yermin Jaramillo Marin
  47. Sophia Paz Jofré Olivares
  48. Marta Veronica Martinez Dominguez
  49. Katherine Magdalena Mellia Collao
  50. Gabriela Montaner Rallin
  51. Felipe Ignacio Pizarro Rodriguez
  52. Analía Isabel Rivera López
  53. Rocío Antonia Rivera Medal
  54. Ignacio Antonio Rojas Rojas
  55. Francisca Constanza Rojas Gonzalez
  56. Valeria Tabilo Cortes
  57. Claudio Alejandro Tabilo González
  58. Melanni Fernanda Tabilo Viera
  59. Gerardo Manuel Toro Tapia
  60. Catalina Macakena Varas Smoked

Professional Title of Nutritionists, Graduate and Graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics.

  1. Carla Isidora Araya Arancibia
  2. Nicolás Ignacio Astudillo Honors
  3. Valeria Nicole Carvajal Orrego
  4. Maria Natalia Carvajal Ponce
  5. Fernanda Angelica Donoso Avalos
  6. Daniela Paula González Ponce
  7. Melanie Angelina Huerta Tabilo
  8. Valentina Andrea Jerez Bozo
  9. Nicole Andrea Juica Julio
  10. Nicol Magdalena Layana Villalobos
  11. Gabriela Antonia Mendez Contreras
  12. Edith Stephanie Muñoz Araya
  13. Hillary Solange Muñoz Olivares
  14. Vanessa Catalina Pizarro Marin
  15. Haydée Alba Puelles González
  16. Rocio Macarena Rivera Blanco
  17. Javiera Ignacia Rodriguez Rojas
  18. Ignacia Paz Tagle Cortes
  19. Camila Yubitza Tejada Fernandez
  20. Maite Mabel Urrejola Arellano
  21. Veronich Araceli Varas Pasten
  22. Camila Andrea Veas Fernandez
  23. Dayanne Lissette Veas Sanchez
  24. Michelle Belen Vega Vega
  25. Franscheska Estefania Vicencio Lopez
  26. Javiera Aguilar Gelves
  27. Pamela Aguilar Gelves
  28. Angela Alvarez Gallardo
  29. Camila Diaz Barrera
  30. Carlos Fernandez Gonzalez
  31. Loreto Hernandez Urrutia
  32. Raissa Hoffmann Vicencio
  33. Macarena Ledezma Arancibia
  34. Carolina Lopez Lopez
  35. Manuela Lopez Morales
  36. Sofia Perez Yaryes
  37. Javiera Pimentel Alvarez
  38. Makarena Pizarro Ochoa
  39. Cecilia Recabarren Hurtado
  40. Alejandra Rivera Alvarez
  41. Francessca Rivera Galleguillos
  42. Jorge Omar Suazo red
  43. Ayleen Tirado Toro
  44. andrea torres castro
  45. Rocio Torres Pizarro
  46. Valeria Vega Collao

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