New generation of scholarship recipients began training cycle in medical specialties programs « UCN News a day – Universidad Católica del Norte

7 fellows joined this group of doctors who hope to become a contribution to the health of the entire community, and who are part of a generation that will be trained in Neurosurgery, Radiology, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, Anesthesia, General Surgery and Medicine of Urgency.

Aware of the contribution that they will represent for the health of our country, a group of 7 doctors began the process of induction to the medical specialty programs, taught by the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Católica del Norte.

The Medical Specialties program is financed by Becas Coquimbo, an initiative of the Regional Government that seeks to train 100 specialists and 22 subspecialists for the region.

“Our goal is not only to train them as specialists of excellence, but also as doctors and as people, inviting them to act with professionalism in the different areas in which they will carry out their training, and to commit themselves to the health and well-being of patients and society through of an ethical practice”, said Dr. Giselle Myer Morales, Dean of the UCN School of Medicine.


For new fellows, the opportunity to study a medical specialty not only represents a space for professional growth, but also a commitment to the community.

As expressed by Dr. Sebastián Naranjo, fellow in Emergency Medicine, who indicated that he hopes to “take advantage of all the resources that the University is going to give me to be able to perform in our area and be a contribution to the emergency services of the Region of Coquimbo”.

Opinion shared by Dr. Ruth Pérez, Internal Medicine fellow, who explained that “one of the goals to achieve my big dream is to complete this postgraduate degree. I hope to acquire all the knowledge and specialize to provide a better service to my patients, who are my priority at this time. I’m so excited”.

Meanwhile, for the Neurosurgery fellow, Cristian Sagredo, it is a long-awaited opportunity. “I have worked for 5 years in Angol’s emergency services. I have been looking for this scholarship for 3 years, it is the only specialty that I like and I want to fulfill my dream: to learn everything I can to work for the good of the population”, he expressed.

Currently, 15 Medical Specialties are part of the Postgraduate and Postgraduate Office of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Católica del Norte, a unit that has been proposed to bridge the gap of 4,500 specialists that is estimated to currently exist in our country.

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