New graduates of the Certification “Coaching with NLP” of the Argentine Identity Well-being School

Next Thursday, May 5, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., the Certificates will be delivered to the 5th cohort of students who completed and passed the “Coaching Certification with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)” issued by the Mindset Center of the School of Wellbeing. The graduation ceremony will be broadcast live through the Identidad Argentina YouTube channel (, an organization that encompasses the School and is dedicated to Innovation and Knowledge.

The Coaching Certification with Neurolinguistic Programming is dictated by the Director of the Argentine Identity Welfare School and Coach, Magister Alejandra López. This certification has a duration of 11 months with an online dynamic which allows it to have a greater reach to students from Latin America and Europe.

The brand new graduates carried out a conscious and transformational process, accompanied by the coach and tutors. The course allowed them to achieve growth both personally and professionally, they changed their observer, they managed to manage their emotions, among other intrinsic challenges. It is a certification that in its skeleton is focused on the levels of intrapersonal, interpersonal and systemic learning where modules on biodecoding, family constellations and fourth generation neurolinguistic programming are also seen.

The Certification is headed by Alejandra López, International Coach, Panelist, Manager of Organizational Wellbeing, Instructor in Mindfulness, Director of the School of Wellbeing of Argentine Identity and Designer of the Mindset methodology.

In addition, during the course the students received specific talks from special guests such as that of the Psychologist Germán Balante, who is a Lecturer, writes about Personal Development and is the Director of Dasein Instituto. There was also the participation of Daniel Cuperman who serves as Director and Founder of “Taquion, Los Juegos del Futuro”, Director and Founder of “La Escuela de la Metáfora” and creator of methods and designs for growth and self-knowledge, among others. activities.

Alejandra López highlighted the following words: “Being my 5th dictation of this Certification, I highlight the great interest and willingness of the students to actively participate, virtually, achieving a new cohort and at the same time synergizing with other professionals, recognized At national and international level. Even more, I want to highlight that the School of Well-being is expanding its horizons of knowledge from the current coaching training course integrated to NLP to other courses with innovative themes that will be launched in the coming months.”

Finally, a few words from Magister Guillermo Suárez, President and Founder of Identidad Argentina: “We are an organization of innovation and knowledge, we promote learning and development for a greater well-being of people and organizations, for this reason we celebrate this new Cohort of Graduates who They will be ambassadors of Well-being in each ecosystem in the Country and the Region”

To learn more about the more than 40 Certifications and Training provided by the Identidad Argentina organization, you can visit its website:

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