“New injury for Bonucci, the choice on Chiellini! Dybala, Kulusevski, Szczesny… ”- SOS Fanta

January 14, 2022 at 2.45 pm

Tomorrow there is Udinese, on the eve of the Juventus coach spoke like this in a press conference Maximilian Merry. Questions about Dybala’s future are inevitable.

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DANILO AND BONUCCI – “Tomorrow there will certainly be some changes, we played 120 minutes against Inter. Danilo is not yet available, Bonucci had a resentment in yesterday’s training and we will see him again after the break ”.

ARTHUR – “This is the Juventus squad, I have already said it. With these players we have to get to the end of the season in the best possible way, thus finishing in the top four. We are growing as a team, we are working well to get the best results. We must remain calm ”.

INTER – “They are the strongest team in the league, they are first in the standings. Then the big games are a separate story. It is in small games that we have to be more careful and be better at it. Against Inter we were clearly underdogs but we did well, some even talked about goals. We had to be better after scoring the lead. The team did well against an excellent Inter, then we are sorry to have lost in the 120th minute. “

DYBALA – “As I have always said, contract valuations are corporate matters. They don’t concern me. I raised Dybala, it turned out he was a child. He is now an extraordinary player. In the first part of the season due to injuries we had less of him, for the second part I also expect a lot in the realization phase. The value of the player is not in dispute. He is a great player ”.

PILGRIMS – “He resumed and is ready, tomorrow he could play from the start. Cuadrado returns, De Sciglio played a good match with Inter. Sorry for Alex Sandro who had also played a good game, in football a mistake can happen ”.

SZCZESNY – “Re-enter Szczesny. It’s been 15 days and it’s fine. With Inter he arrived with water in his throat, at 2 am he would have played “.

KULUSEVSKI – “I have the doubt between Kulusevski and Bernardeschi, they both did well with Inter. The changes tomorrow will be important “.

DUE PLAYERS – “There is too much hype for this story here. Company managers also come to maturity. In football you have to go out on the pitch and do it. There may also be decisions by players who want to change the air, it’s not always the club’s fault .. But until the end they have to play. If you go on the pitch and do badly, you won’t find the contract either at Juve or anywhere else. If you do well, it’s the other way around, so what matters is doing well. Being expiring can be an added value if exploited well, you put yourself in a position of strength “.

MCKENNIE – “Fixed point? No, he moves a lot, he has done 16 km (laughs). He has grown and can still improve ”.

STILL DYBALA – “Arrivabene spoke clearly, all assessments will be made in March and April. It is a planning speech for Juventus and for everyone. We just have to go out on the pitch and get results ”.

CHIELLINI – “After 120 minutes I thought I’d find him in about ten days, but this morning he was breathing. He does not play tomorrow, space and de Ligt and Rugani ”.

300 BENCHES – “The match against Real in Madrid was a wonderful match. We had almost reversed the result. Belle also in Munich with Bayern and London with Tottenham ”.

RABIOT – “He was criticized the other night, he played a good match for me. He played 1 vs 1 with Barella and even overtook him. He is one devoted to sacrifice, it was a pleasant surprise. He gave a lot, the other night he did a good performance for what he had to do ”.

NERVOUSNESS – “In 20 years I have been disqualified twice. I made a mistake with Napoli, I shouldn’t have said those things to the referee. But give it to me every 20 years, I’m a man too. Bonucci paid the fine and the case is closed. At the end of the game there can be some squabbles. We have always behaved respectfully towards the referees “.

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