New Kia Niro, the hybrid and electric crossover changes its skin

To the Seoul Mobility Show the new one makes its debut Kia Niro. The second generation of the South Korean crossover changes down to the last bolt by focusing on a futuristic look largely derived from the concept Habaniro of 2019.

Between technological and eco-sustainable interiors and an “intelligent” hybrid mode, here are the news of the Kia Niro.

Focus on originality

Like the most recent models in the range, the Niro was also built according to the philosophy of design of the “United Opposites”. In the crossover this takes the form of “Joy for Reason” and combines environmental responsibility with a future-oriented aesthetic.

Kia Niro (2022)

The Niro is characterized by very muscular and squared lines. The front integrates a “Tiger Face”Enlarged that extends from the hood to the grille and ends in the elaborate LED headlights.

The rear area is probably the most curious part of the whole car. The lights have a boomerang shape and extend into the roof “supported” by a dark gray panel.

Kia Niro (2022)

The aesthetic package is completed by the black protections of the bumpers and wheel arches that give a rough and off-road appearance.

Eco-friendly interiors and engines

Me too’passenger compartment it has been radically transformed compared to the previous model. In addition to the two-spoke steering wheel (a common feature with the EV6), the dashboard is dominated by the two screens for the instrument panel and infotainment. The commands are reduced to a minimum since most of the functions are integrated directly into the infotelematics.

Kia Niro (2022)

The most interesting novelty of the Niro’s interior, however, concerns the coatings. The pavilion is made with recycled wallpaper, the seats with a fabric derived from eucalyptus leaves, while the painting of the door panels does not contain pollutants such as benzene.

In terms of engines, Kia has not yet released official data, merely communicating that the Niro will be available with powertrain full hybrid, plug-in hybrids And 100% electric in 2022.

The hybrids will be equipped with the “Greenzone Drive Mode“. Based on navigation data and on the places most frequented by the driver, the car is able to recognize the proximity of schools, hospitals and residential areas by automatically switching to the electric motor. The zero-emission “switch” also takes place close to home and work place.

In the coming months we will find out more about performance and prices.

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