New legend ‘Conduit’ comes to Apex Legends; Here are the details!

duct new apex legends character

Apex Legends, the incredibly demanding battle royale game created by Respawn Entertainment, is getting an update soon. Respawn has teased the next legend with a new trailer, and she will be called Ducts. Let’s check out the details on the new and upcoming legend, Conduit, who will be joining the Apex games in Season 19!

Who is Conduit in Apex Legends?

Conduit is a new legend and his backstory regarding the game has been explained in a new one. Stories from distant lands video. This is also the first time this legend has been revealed. origin of the duct He is from the Philippines, and his town was attacked but a Monarch Titan saved his family. Later, she is seen becoming a fan of the Apex Games and wants to support her family by entering the games herself.

How does she get the powers that make her a legend? And what are Conduit’s skills? In the trailer below, she is seen exposing herself by entering an area with ‘deadly radiation‘ and a clear indication that says ‘Do not enter’. But yes, of course, our new legend comes in to risk everything and maybe gain some powers, well, not intentionally and accidentally! Towards the end, she is seen touching the remains of a fallen Titan, and her body appears to gain powers at that moment.

LEGENDS OF THE APEX |  Stories from distant lands

For now, this is just an early preview of the next Apex legends update. An important part of this update is, of course, the new legend, Conduit. We don’t really have any details about his actual abilities yet, but we can still speculate. In the new and upcoming artwork of the legend Conduit, you can see that she has a drone-like contraptionwhich will be part of your skill set to help during squad fights.

Furthermore, we can see that she also has a blue substance flowing through her veins. So the risk of going to a high radiation area to see the remains of a fallen Titan seems to have worked in Conduit’s favor! Apex Legends Ignite update arrives 31 October. Stay tuned for more updates on Apex Legends and its new character! It will be very exciting to see your skills.

Apex Legends turns on update new legend conduit

What do you think about the upcoming Apex Legends Ignite update bringing the new legend ‘Conduit’? Do you like his origin story? Let us know in the comments below.

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