New movie? Zendaya would work with Beyonce in his next project

They would make a remake of a 50’s classic.

UNITED STATES. – Zendaya could get to star in a film with Beyoncéit has been made known that both are talking about doing a remake of “Imitation of Life”. Whose original edition was created in 1959 and was directed by Douglas Sirk. This was reported by The Sun newspaper.

The young actress and the iconic singer worked together six years ago in a music video, now they are joining forces again. This time to have a project on the big screen that already excites the fans of both. The history of the tape is very interesting and it is imagined that both artists are up to the task, although they have not yet officially communicated anything.

The tape that would make Zendaya It is based on the book of the same name. Fannie Hurst, which focuses on the life of a white woman who shelters an African-American woman and her daughter. Which she has light skin, which allows her to pass for someone white. Throughout the story, there is talk of racial, gender and class difference. Certainly a clear glimpse of what reality was like for people of color in the first half of the last century.

For now Beyoncé She is on the verge of becoming the producer of the project, although it is not yet clear if she will appear on screen. At the moment no further details have been confirmed about the casting process for the film. what is known is that they want Zendaya as one of the protagonists. It is that she has received a lot of popularity with “euphoria” and “Spiderman”, but she only chooses projects that take her to the next level.

It seems that the young actress intends to win some kind of movie award that will continue to position her as a movie star. As she has let herself know, this tape could be the opportunity she is looking for to be able to achieve her mission in terms of recognition at the academy.

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