New outbreak of COVID-19 registered in Aragon

The Epidemiological Bulletin of Aragon has notified the corresponding days from 14 to 20 August Four outbreaks of COVID-19 with 29 cases in Huesca province, Public health has reported that they all suffer mild symptoms,

As the administration indicated, those affected are “users of the institutions.” On the other hand, it has been indicated in the bulletin that outbreak of acute gastroenteritis in a family. Only four of the five exposed have had an effect.

Meanwhile a case came to light legionellosis In a resident of a social health center in Zaragoza. It is a respiratory disease caused by? legionella bacteriawhich mainly spreads inhalation of contaminated water droplets In aerosols from air conditioners, hot and cold water systems, or whirlpools. People with a weakened immune system are more likely to develop serious complications.

death rate in aragon

The Epidemiological Bulletin also analyzes mortality in Aragon on a weekly basis., This week 33 i.e. a total of 243 deaths have been recordedSome values, as they indicate, are located”below calculated limitexcept in Teruel where the upper limit is slightly higher”.

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