New PlayStation 5 pack in stock: with three of the best-selling games and without inflating their price

If you have been looking for the possibility of buying a PS5 like crazy for a while, we have good news, which you may already know because for several weeks there have been stores that have begun to move abundant stock of the console.

Of all of them, there is one that apparently has quite a few units, and it is Carrefour, which sells several very interesting packs online, either the standard or digital console and with different extras. Right now they have added a PS5 to their catalog for 699 euros, the reader edition, which comes with three great games and also with fast shipping.

The games in question are Last of Us Part 1, Uncharted Collection, and God of War Ragnarok. In the case of the latter, it is a digital edition with a download code that you must redeem in the Store.

PS5 Standard + Games for €699

The price is high, without a doubt, but it must be taken into account that for some months the official price of the standard PlayStation 5 is 549 eurosso having three first-rate games for 150 euros more isn’t too bad, especially if two come in physical format.

If you prefer to spend a little less, you have the option of betting on the totally digital version without a reader, which costs 573 euros, although for the price difference there is perhaps not worth it.

Usually you could buy a pack like this for PlayStation 5, yes, but for more than 800 euros, a cost that continues to scare off many potential buyers.

Carrefour also offers several options, such as physical collection in some of its stores after the purchase or home delivery, which has an estimated delivery date of approximately three business days.


The NEW PS PLUS! Price, services and EVERYTHING that includes the great bet of Sony

It is still worth getting hold of, especially since the catalog of games (exclusive or not) continues to expand with new releases, and that also means that the price of games from previous years is gradually dropping, good news considering that the cost was increased compared to PS4.

In addition to all this, PS Plus and PS Now continue to improve in features, a way to compete against the strength of Game Pass and Xbox, which have taken advantage of stock problems to attract new users.

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