New scandal! Four women’s soccer coaches in the US banned for life for sexual abuse


Four soccer coaches named in an investigation of the LUnited States National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) on abuse and bad practices were suspended for life, the entity reported on Monday.

The punishments were part of a broad package of suspensions and fines against various individuals and organizations that followed the publication of the findings of an investigation led by the NWSL.

The league said last month it had detected “continuing misconduct” at most league clubs, after an earlier investigation turned up evidence of harassment and abuse.

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The investigation looked at the players’ complaints over 14 months and uncovered systemic flaws in the league.

Coaches banned for life on Monday included Paul Riley, Christy Holly, Rory Dames and Richie Burk.

Seven other people have also received suspensions or will be required to acknowledge wrongdoing and accept responsibility for misconduct before being considered for future NWSL employment.

NWSL Commissioner Jessica Berman said the league will “continue to prioritize the implementation and improvement of policies, programs and systems that prioritize the health and safety” of players.

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