New series from Steven Knight, Lulu Wang and Victor Levin

The 48th Toronto Festival is a film festival, but it also serves as a prelude to the most anticipated series of the upcoming season. We will update you.

Mark Ruffalo is Daniel LeBlanc in ‘The Light You Can’t See’.

Alice and Jack The courage of 21st century relationships

A complete exclusive: This series has not yet found a platform to be distributed internationally, but you can smell the success coming from afar. Made by Prestigious channel 4 ,black Mirror), eight episodes of Alice and Jack They are born out of complete confusion between the writer’s factory and the popular phenomenon. direct Juho KuosmanenGrand Jury Prize at Cannes for the extreme love story of compartment number 6and writes Victor Levincreator of Mad Man And now the creator of the classic comedy Crazy for You,

For heroes, a tandem that falls under its own weight: andrea riseborough ,to leslie) And Domhnall Gleeson ,Matter of time), which we have already discovered together in the dystopian adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel never leave me, directed by Mark Romanek. They are two incredibly attractive stars – but not what we would expect – who are making careers in indie Without crossing paths again… In the series of Kuosmanen and Levin, of which we have been able to see the first two chapters, they give life to an unlikely couple during a sixteen-year relationship.

This series understands very well what forms toxicity takes in a relationship and does not condone them

In tone, their romance goes on and on the devil Wears Prada And normal people: Alice is a single, self-confident executive to the extreme, who sleeps with Jack like someone picking up an abandoned dog. He works in a laboratory and lets himself go, captivated by the magnetism of someone who seems to come out of the imagination. Years will pass and couple meet and partBecause they navigate through the layers of commitment, trauma, and trust we call “love.”

The series understands very well the forms toxicity takes in a relationship and does not reject them, although it does offer hope on the future of a couple whose happy ending we could never imagine. Maybe because every minute they spend together, these two very simple archetypes ( girlboss meet an insecure guy) They will become humanized, grow and break down with the tension between what they want, what they can do and what they achieve.

Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson Alice and Jack,

the light you can’t seePulitzer adapted by Shawn Levy and Steven Knight

with steven knight ,peaky blinders) And shawn levy ,arrival) front and mark ruffalo And hugh laurie In artists, we know that the light you can’t see This will be one of the most anticipated series of the year and we ask ourselves: With a team like this, what could go wrong? Well…

After watching half of the miniseries premiering November 2 on Netflix, Adaptation of Anthony Doerr’s Pulitzer-winning novelWe affirm without hesitation that a bunch of memorable names doesn’t save any work from being completely forgettable… In Toronto, two of the four episodes of A series of adventures with better ideas than muscles: Young Marie-Laure (newcomer). aria mia loberti) remains hidden in Saint-Malo in the days just before the Allied arrival, emitting radio signals in case his father, or his uncle, ever return looking for him.

The beginning of ‘The Light You Can’t See’ is an obstacle course with more Deus ex machina what is narrative coherence

Blind girl wanted by an evil Nazi sergeant named Reinhold von Rumpel (Poor) Lars Eidingerthe perennial villain) and a German private, who is a Nazi but also lovable and innocent (Louis Hoffman, another typecast actor) and who followed the same inspirational science radio program as Marie-Laure as a child. This conservative, English-speaking Nazi tandem is going to get more screen time than the two big names on the poster, Laurie and Ruffalo, the girl’s uncle and father.

The beginning of the series is an obstacle course with more Deus ex machina What narrative coherence. Nor does the little girl’s blindness affect this proposal Levi, the director, who doesn’t even demonstrate the spectacular fighting prowess of a production of this caliber (Style 1917 by Sam Mendes), nor does it give prominence to a significant sound design, buried amid the bombs and ominous music James Newton-Howard ,dark Knight,

Lulu Wang and the Hopscotch series about troubled Hong Kong

We can’t even publish (under embargo until the release date is revealed) first impressions about Lulu Wang’s new series, the adaptation of the bestseller, for Prime Video.Migrant, Janice Y.K. by lee, However, we can comment on why we found it particularly relevant that the filmmaker chose the fifth episode out of a total of six to represent the series in its world premiere… a remarkable decision, especially Given that its plot is not actually an anthology.

Lulu Wang explores the dilemmas of three immigrant American women united by an unsolved tragedy.

We meet in the fifth episode lasting 96 minutes Women who work as maids for rich women in Hong Kong (We write with full awareness of the derogatory nature of the term “maids”, which many of them try to avoid). Most of them come from the Philippines and most of them know each other well. So, on a Sunday when it rains heavily in the city, we find them hiding under a bridge, playing cards while they share banter and gossip about their wives.

It is a way of responding to violence at home, Forced to become a silent witness and precise advisor to each person’s domestic dramas; Serve and disappear when they are not “needed”, Through the eyes of these “privileged” viewers, Lulu Wang presents the dilemmas of three American women, Margaret (Nicole Kidman), Hillary (Saryu Blue) and Mercy (Ji-Young Yoo), who are immigrants and facing an unresolved United by tragedy. And yes, gossip can be the best gateway to a dramatic plot worthy of some spaced-out soap opera.

Featuring Nicole Kidman and Brian T Migrant.

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