New Shovel Knight games, DLC, merchandise and more from Yacht Club

At the Yacht Club Games 2024 Presents event, the indie developer announced new Shovel Knight games, DLC for current ones, upcoming merchandising, and more.

Y.K.G. there are games in PCSteam deck, PS4PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch are similar to Shovel Knight Dig, but the studio indie announces news in franchise And updates for Mina Empty; among other things.

He Yacht Club Games 2024 Gifts serves the developer in honor of 10 years of creating games. 3DS and Wii U for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

Yacht Club Games lifted the lid on its internal development and made exciting announcements during the aforementioned event.

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The team shared new Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeons Paradox DLC pack updates, Wicked Wishes by Shovel Knight Dig And Mina Empty.

They also presented their a new game called Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DXthis is an improved edition of the adventure that started it all, and also confirms new Shovel Knight game in development.

In addition to all these announcements, there were live events, new products, and more. Gifts were broadcast on YouTube channel of yacht club games on Friday, June 14, at 11:30 a.m. Spanish Peninsular time.

News of Yacht Club Games at our own event

Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX – Coming Soon

This new game is an improved version of the original adventure, but with a number of interesting new features to suit every taste. spade knight fans.

These include 20 new playable characters, online multiplayer, save and replay capabilities, tricks, and more to unlock when the time comes.

Shovel Knight Dig Wicked Wishes Free DLC – Summer 2024

It’s about Shovel Knight Dig’s latest and highly anticipated free DLC packfilled with adventures, missions, new bosses and much more content.

They announce that Shovel Knight Dig will be released on Xbox and PlayStation platformsbut for now he has a 50% discount on those that are in stock for now.

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Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Paradox Pack Free DLC – Summer 2024

This package Free DLC for Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Its most striking feature is that it is compatible with mods, although only in the computer version.

It features new playable characters, scenarios, secrets, challenges and more, but if you haven’t played yet, now is the time to get 50% off across all platforms.

Mine Empty – TBA

The Games Yacht Club took advantage of the event to update development status of Mine Emptyannouncing that they are close to completing the initial playthrough of all of the level’s content.

As Mine Hollow developed, it became larger than originally intended, incorporating an expansive world and more role-playing game elements; They will present it in detail soon.

New Shovel Knight game in development

The presentation ended with a look at the horizon of the future, the team officially confirmed that there is New Shovel Knight game in development by Yacht Club Games.

We strive to create a game that not only honors the legacy of Shovel Knight, but also introduces innovative gameplay mechanics.

This is not just another sequel, but a bold new adventure that will take Shovel Knight into a whole new dimension of gaming.“, they said from the studio.

They also revealed that all of their previous games have hints that hint at what the game might bring. next part of Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight DiggingShovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove).

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New products, events, cameos and more.

Here it was revealed that there are two new collaboration agreements with Insert Coin and Sanshee, a new art book from 10 years Shovel Knight with Udon Entertainment and others.

New T-shirts, upcoming releases in merchandising with Fangamer and Symbiote StudiosA vinyl reissue of Shovel of Hope with Akira Kitamura (Mega Man) and Hitoshi Ariga (Pokemon) and live events from California.

What would happen to Shovel Knight no cameo? For Honor will take place on July 18th at Brawlhalla (to be determined) and at Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout it’s June 26th.

These were YCG News during the recent Yacht Club Games 2024 presentsSo new Shovel Knight games and their DLC (among other things) they do not go unnoticed.

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