New stadium, there is a turning point: the official press release arrives

There are still some steps between Milan and the new stadium but the first and most important was staged this afternoon. The council of the Municipality of Milan approved the resolution confirming the declaration of public interest.

The junta ofthe Sala administration officially expressed itself with the three conditions, already unofficially accepted by Milan and Inter in last week’s meeting:

The projects of the New Milan Stadium
  • Adjustment of the territorial building index to the maximum foreseen by the Standard of the Territorial Governance Plan approved with reference to the ‘San Siro’ large urban function, equal to 0.35 m2/ m2.
  • Reconfiguration of the area where the “Meazza” currently stands as a sports district with extensive enhancement and increase in greenery.
  • On the basis of what has been established, updating of the Economic and Financial Plan in the subsequent design phase.

here is the official press release from the Municipality of Milan: “These are the conditions under which the Board has decided to confirm the declaration of public interest on the proposal relating to the Milan Stadium presented by the Milan ACSpA and Internazionale FCSpA football clubs. Conditions that will remain necessary to obtain subsequent acts of consent on the project”

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