New technologies for transplants, the department inaugurated. Catherine’s story: “I’ll tell you how they saved me”

ANCONA- Another step towards excellence at national level and beyond. This was done by the Torrette hospital which, this morning (12 May) inaugurated the new Anesthesia and Resuscitation Department for Transplantation and Major Surgery. A ward that will be able to count on eight new intensive care beds, two of which are dedicated to transplants, equipped with equipment and modern technologies that will be added to the ten places still active. The ribbon cutting, in the presence of the general director of Ospedali Riuniti Michele Caporossi and the regional councilor for health Filippo Saltamartini, took place after major renovations in a sector that was put to the test by the Covid period.


“Thanks to these works we can guarantee the latest generation technologies – explained Dr. Elisabetta Cerutti director of Sod Anesthesia Resuscitation of transplants and major surgery – We are talking about absolute air filtration, twelve changes / hour without recirculation, pressure management, maximum degree of electrical safety and adequate service spaces. We can boast the latest generation of ventilators, a multi-parametric monitoring system, a computerized medical record and much more. We will also be able to provide adequate monitoring systems for advanced assessments that will allow us to better manage the load and for this I can only say thank you to those who have allowed this ». Very touching was the testimony brought by the young Caterina Bunjak who thanked the doctors and all the staff of Torrette for allowing her to continue living with her 22 years, inviting them to emphasize the importance of organ donation. Her life, a year ago, was hanging by a thread due to a rare disease that led to cirrhosis of the liver. Thanks to the team of Professor Marco Vivarelli, she was able to complete a liver transplant on February 2nd and start smiling again.

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“In 2019 we had 64 resuscitation places divided into the various structures, today we have 102 carrying out the various programs that we had set ourselves. Now, in the post Covid, there is another problem to be resolved and that is what we will do with it tomorrow. You have to find a destination. To give you an idea in terms of numbers of what we have faced, from February 2020 until two months ago (the data of the last sixty days will arrive soon, ed) we had 2878 hospitalizations for Coronavirus, a very high number. Of these 386 in Anesthesia-Reanimation within the clinic with specific divided tasks. With the new department we could better manage the situation of the interventions, capillarize the operating block. More than ever, we need to give a structural response to all this ».

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The conclusion was entrusted to the regional councilor Filippo Saltamartini who, after having awarded the nurses (represented by the nursing coordinator Nadia Moroni), reiterated the importance and centrality of a hospital center like Torrette: “We find ourselves in what has become a national and international point of reference and we will certainly take this into account at the level of funding. There is a lot in which to grow, in the specialization grants, in the incentive to donate and we will have to make appropriate discussions with the University. Without taking care of the various aspects, we cannot go far. Under Covid we found ourselves facing an incredible emergency because we realized that there were no intensive care places in Italy. In the following year they arrived but the initial squeeze was endured thanks to the relentless use of primary doctors, nurses and health workers who took these gaps on their shoulders. Without this ability and this spirit of sacrifice it would have been useless ».

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