New The Witcher: The medallion belongs to the Lynx School, confirms CD Projekt RED

Since CD Projekt RED announced that he is already working on a new game The Witcher theories and speculations about it have flooded the net: the Polish company confirmed that This is the beginning of a new saga.nothing of The Witcher 4, so fans have tried to find out if this change in the franchise will also mean a new protagonist or if Geralt of Rivia will be kept in the main role. The only clue we had so far was the image that served as a preview of the project, a mysterious capture in which we see a medallion half-sunk in the snow.

That medallion seems to be the key to the new game of The Witcher, or at least the first clue to its narrative context. At first it seemed that the medallion in the image belonged to the cat school, related to Ciri, but the company has confirmed to Eurogamer that it is actually an amulet from the Lynx School. It has been Radek Adam Grabowski, director of public relations at CD Projekt RED, who has revealed it in a comment to the specialized media: “Some mysteries should not be so mysterious. In fact, I can confirm that the medallion is in the shape of a lynx“.


What is the Lynx School?

The funny thing is that the Lynx School does not exist as such within the canon of the universe The Witcherneither in the video games, nor in the Netflix series, nor in the multiple spin off multimedia that have been released in recent years. Of course it does not appear in the literary saga of Andrzej Sapkowski either. The only mention of this school is reflected in a fan-created The Witcher Wikia entry, so all the information we can see in it belongs to a fan-created Witcher Wiki. fanfiction and not to the canonical universe of the sorcerer.

Either way, this detail sheds a little more light on the new game of The Witchera project of which we only know that is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 as the result of an agreement between CD Projekt and Epic Games, in addition to being the beginning of a new saga.

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