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On Bitcointalk it is easy to find continue stories of Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto where the various accounts describe some experiences or question the infamous creator of BTC.

The Nakamoto variables

Among the various stories, the one recently told by the account of songchunlai who wanted to describe his own life finally declaring that he was Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

After describing his adolescence, Chunlai recounts the situation in the year 2008, stating of he was the one who wrote the famous Bitcoin whitepaper.

Since that time and with his cryptographic skills, Chunlai says he discovered that he could actually develop some kind of accounting software, whereby every house would have one, and no one could rely on the others and no one would have any more or benefited less.

Here is how he describes what would be the basic thinking of Blockchain:

“Once the transaction has been carried out, it is transmitted to all computers, writing it when the computer running the software receives it. So who will compress the complete page of accounts, then use the random number generator to find an MD5 code with several zeros in front of the compressed packet, if it only matches this page of accounts and is the first to find, then all computers recognize the work of this computer and agree to put this package in their chain of accounts. The system also rewards this computer with a certain amount of points. “

The famous points would be those defined by him as Bitcoin. The story continues by stating that other “unknown” subjects (including developers) would have contacted Chunlai via QQ, the Chinese popular chat.

Satoshi Nakamoto “would have” a wallet with 1 million BTC

The legends about Satoshi Nakamoto and his 1 million BTC

Chunlai’s story ends with a kind request:

“You who like me can give me a small coin to buy some food and a new computer. I will work hard for our plan. “

Among the various comments on his story, many are relentless on the request for money that the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto who holds 1 million BTC is hard to believe he could do.

On another forum, the account replicant999 would start a new one Bitcoin discussion posting as follows:

“Hi, I was wondering why 21M? maybe SN wanted to keep 1M for itself, then when BTC hits 1,000,000, donate 1,000,000,000,000 to charities or do some kind of good deed? that would be great, besides giving us this beautiful gift. It could happen at any time, soon…. Thanks for reading. “

Among the comments, many argue that Satoshi Nakamoto is dead or that if he moved his BTC he would crash or, again, that the inventor of BTC is already a benefactor for humanity.

The awakening of a wallet from the Nakamoto era

Yet something drew attention last July 2021, and it appears to have been the awakening of a bitcoin wallet of the Nakamoto era, when the first halving was yet to take place.

This is the address 157XG8DEk6FhcoHfNpZW6v6fuBd9184DsT that would have received its first BTC on 1st March 2012, the year following the “disappearance” of Satoshi Nakamoto.

From that moment, this address would have made only 2 BTC shipments: the first on May 28, 2012 and the second on July 12, 2021, of 740 BTC and to a Segwit address.



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