New Trailer for The Continental: The John Wick Universe Returns on Prime Video

Before Baba Yaga became the number one target of the High Table, an ambitious youngster Winston Scott was very clear about his destiny as a manager.

Prime Video has some strong releases lined up this coming September. For many it is possible that the main course is the same series which will take us back to a strange, picturesque and always violent universe john wick, continental,

This short season, just three episodes, takes us inside the iconic New York hotel that serves as sanctuary for the assassins operating beneath the High Table. winston scottinterpreted by Ian McShane In the movies, he runs the hotel with an iron fist wrapped in a fine silk glove.

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But before becoming the manager of the New York Continentals, Winston caused some trouble at the facility. The Peacock series comes to Spain prime video to tell us about the events that shaped the next manager and his close relationship with caron, lance reddick In movies,

Colin Woodell The series is titled as the young version of Winston. Mel Gibson Like the manager he’s competing against, cormacAnd iomide adegun like youth caron, Ben Robson, Michelle Prada, Jessica Allen, Hubert Point-du Jour, Ray McKinnon, Katie McGrath, Adam Shapiro and Mark Musashi Take part in this prequel series of john wick,

universe of john wick spreads with continental

To make our teeth gnash even more, Prime Video has shared a new trailer continentalin Spanish, where it continues to take advantage of the exotic aesthetics that abound in its environment john wick, You can find it at the header of this article.

The new advance expands on the scenes that we have been able to see earlier in the various advances of the series and of course, no one can deny that we are in the same universe where Keanu Reeves Your kill list will increase to horrifying levels.

Memorization, continental Premieres on Prime Video on September 22, 2023, This first spin-off is expected to follow ballet dancera film by ana de armas that navigates between the third and fourth films john wick,

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