New updates on Steam could anticipate the arrival of the DLC

The last PlayStation Showcase was an important stage for many games, but above all it gave us new information about the existence of a Resident Evil 4 Remake DLC and its possible landing in a relatively short period of time with respect to this announcement. Many know that this remake is missing an important piece to complete it: the parallel story where is the main character Ada Wong.

Said DLC would be Separate paths, where we explore more deeply and from a different perspective what happens in the development of the game’s story. It’s no secret that Resident Evil 4 Remake was a real success and that the developers Capcom I want to continue to offer support and content before I archive it, with this DLC which would be an excellent follow up to the good things done so far.

But its release date or indicative window have not yet been revealed, which is why all players are eagerly waiting. However, things could change soon, as additions and updates have been revealed on the Steam page, which could indicate some important news in the short term.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ashley

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hidden Updates

Similar to what happened with Counter-Strike 2, with many updates made secretly by Steam, with no apparent statements from the developers, also on the Resident Evil 4 Remake page some unusual activitiesthat have intrigued players, also leading them to perform an in-depth analysis of what has been added at the file level.

The result was something interesting names of the components added in the technical aspect, but above all New goals present on the page dedicated to them in the game, to anticipate the addition of new content and, in this case, the new Separe Ways expansion that has been announced for some time and that ideally will close a loop regarding the news that come to the horror title.

Although this could be the last major news of the day, in these situations it is always better leave the door open in case of surprisesHowever, the truth is that there may be very little time left to return to Resident Evil 4 and face the retelling of the story from another perspective, which conveys a lot of curiosity about how it will be modified and proposed to the public.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ada Wong

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