New WhatsApp will improve video calls using augmented reality: you can hide the background

WhatsApp is one of the best communication apps available for smartphones. You may like it more or less, but it cannot be denied that it has a large number of features and huge user base allowing virtually anyone you want to talk to to have an account on the app.

One of the best features for communication is video calling. This can be done using the front or rear camera of the device and has interesting options like sharing your mobile phone screen during a call.

Now it seems that the application We are preparing new features for video calls, in which case they will be closely related to augmented reality. Additionally, I would provide a new interface that would give another aspect to this feature.

News in video calls

Many users use this WhatsApp tutorial on a daily basis and this is not surprising because without the need to download a new application, it allows us to communicate and see our friends and family in a convenient, simple and free way. Now it looks like the app will be getting a new interface with a cleaner aesthetic and new features.

The most interesting thing will be inherited from other video calling applications such as Zoom or Skype and will allow us to hide the background of our airplane during a video call. that no one can see what is behind us. In fact, all indications are that we could even customize this background to be an image of our choice.

New WhatsApp features


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This will greatly improve privacy as there are times when we don’t want to show where we are or simply don’t want details of our home to be visible. In accordance with WaBetaInfothis feature will not appear on its own, but New filters and the ability to apply effects will also be added. via video calls.

These could be generic models that change your face or give you an augmented reality accessory, and anything that gives users more options is always a positive thing. On the other hand, it seems that users also They could use their avatar instead of their participate in this type of group call. At the moment, it is unknown when all these new features will arrive in the stable version of WhatsApp, but the truth is that they look very good.

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