New York prepares its citizens for a possible nuclear attack

From the United States, precisely at the City Hall of New York City, they launched a guide where they instill preventive measures when it comes to being under a possible nuclear attack. Although the authorities warned that this possibility is low, it is better to have this type of prevention.

In that sense, from the local administration of the capital of the world they recommend three important steps as a preventive measure once the alleged attack occurs:

  • Go to a building.
  • Stay protected, away from doors and windows.
  • Wait for information from the authorities.

“While the probability of a nuclear weapons incident occurring in or near New York City is very low, it is important that New Yorkers know the steps to stay safe,” said the New York Department of Emergency Management. through a statement that is available on its official website.

Being this, from the City Council they published a minute and a half video in which he quickly explains the three steps proposed by the authorities.

In said video, the protagonist in a slight induction where she does not explain the reasons for the attack, simply says that there is no time to explain why they are being the focus of a nuclear attack.

“There has been a nuclear attack, do not ask me how or why, the important thing is that there has been a great attack”, says the presenter.

After this short introduction, the person asks to enter a building and insists that they stay there, “staying in the car is not an option,” he says in the video.

The video goes on to ask that one should not move, that one should take shelter and “stay away from windows”, take off one’s clothes and wash quickly with soap and water, as long as one has been outside.

The most important thing and that they emphasize the most from the video is that you have to stay inside the shelter. Keep doors and windows closed but if you have access to a basement or enclosed space below ground, seek protection there.

For the closing of the video They recommend keeping an eye on the social networks of local authorities and the New York City Hall, in order to follow instructions once the attack is over.

This was the shooting that left five injured this Sunday in New York

This Sunday July 10, The United States once again experienced an unfortunate event that left five people dead, in the middle of a shootingon the boardwalk of Coney Island, in Brooklyn, in the iconic city of New York, frequently visited in the summer time.

Among the victims are a woman who was “struck by a stray bullet on the street in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, a 31-year-old man left in critical condition after being shot in the back on the Brooklyn waterfront and a man killed in a dispute at a public housing building in Canarsie in the district,” police said, as recorded by the New York Post.

“Bullets from Coney Island flew onto the boardwalk and West 21st Street in Brooklyn, where a ‘large group’ of people was gathering around 2 am,” a police spokeswoman said. Likewise, two more women, aged 27 and 26, were shot in the left leg and taken to the Lutheran Hospital. A 36-year-old man was shot in the chin and taken to the same hospital in stable condition, the NYP added.

The incident was recorded on the 21 Street around 2 a.m. in where a large crowd had gathered at a party, until the shooting broke out; however, according to dailymail, none of the attendees will now cooperate with a police investigation into the shooting; So far it is not known why the discussion started and ended in the accident. Also, no arrests were made.

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