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rapper lil nas Style and icon reference Weird, She stood out at the 2023 MTV VMAs ceremony with one of the most stunning looks of the night. The feathered headdress, white lace dress and what looked like a Bible in hand were the keys to one of the most memorable appearances on the red carpet (and that’s if Shakira dressed as a golden goddess or Taylor Swift à la Angelina Jolie, They made it difficult for him) ).

lil nas Its creator, Palomo Spain, placed it on the New York catwalk in a show inspired by it. cruising With which he once again put international fashion critics in his pocket. The rapper thus joins the long list of global stars the Posadas designer has dressed – from Beyoncé to Madonna to Harry Styles – confirming not only his reputation outside our borders, but his most recent collection Also confirms the support and returns being received. Andalusian designer At New York Fashion Week after several seasons away.

palomo spain

Posing with Cordoba designer Carolina Herrera.

Daniel Schiavello

But the controversial singer, who is adept at making headlines with every appearance, isn’t the only one who has shown his support for the Cordovan designer. exactly the same carolina herrera Added him to the special guest list for their Spring-Summer 2024 show and posed for a photo with him at the end of the show show Thus, without a doubt, his support for one of the great geniuses of Spanish fashion was underlined.

palomo spain

Lil Nas


The designer took to his personal Instagram account a few hours ago to thank him for his presence at New York Fashion Week and the emotions of the days spent in Manhattan. “I don’t have words to express how much love I feel right now. I’m still trying to process what we did at the Plaza last Saturday. I can’t find words to express what I feel. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved, especially my amazing team and the fabulous models who brought my vision to life. Thank you”, he wrote in English. The designer has acknowledged on more than one occasion that the New York public makes him feel very loved. The most recent tests prove him absolutely right.

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