Newcastle breaks Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream of playing in the ‘Champions’

ANDn recent days there has been speculation about the possibility that in the contract of Cristiano Ronaldo with the Al Nassr had a clause that would allow him to play the Champions League with Newcastle next season at the home of the English team. However, the Newcastle head coach denied that this is the case. “We wish Cristiano all the best in his adventure, but from our point of view there is nothing true in that“Howe told Sky Sports.

The Portuguese intended to compete in his favorite tournament thanks to a special clause in his contract with the Al Nassr. And he will do it with him newcastlesince the English team belongs to the owners of the Arab team. ronaldo could go on loan to the English team for next season if they finish the current Premier League in the top four places, which grant a place in the Champions League. Despite all this, Ronaldo confirmed in the presentation with Al-Nassar that he would not play again for a club from the old continent before retiring. “In Europe, my job is done. I won everything and played for the most important clubs,” he explained.

The Newcastle United is the great revelation of the season in the Premier League and at the moment it has as great goal to get into Champions League positions for the next season.

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