News and Premieres of AMC + June 2022

Next, we list all the news of AMC + that will be available from its launch and throughout June.


Image 61st Street

The series follows Moses Johnsona promising black high school student and athlete, who looks
swept up in Chicago’s infamously corrupt criminal justice systemAlready franklin roberts, the public defender who handles your case. Although Roberts has promised his wife that he will retire, he accepts this case because
realizes the opportunity he has to drastically change the entire Chicago court systemand fight institutional racism and endemic corruption within it.

firebite image

Fantasy series that follows two indigenous vampire hunters,
Tyson Y Shanikain his fight for
wipe out the bloodsucking creatures that inhabit the desert of South Australia. The story takes place in a remote mining town where a
the last vampire army shipped from Britain to Australia in 1788 to eradicate indigenous populations.

Image Too Close

To Dr, Emma Robinsonrenowned forensic psychiatrist, has just been assigned a media case: a woman, Connie Mortensenhas been accused of a heinous crime and he says he doesn’t remember anything about it. Emma will have to determine if Connie
suffers from a disorder that prevents him from being judged.

Image Mister8

Maria She is the CEO of a family business.
She has a boyfriend for every day of the week, and everyone has a pact and lives in harmony. But suddenly she falls in love with juhoand Maria will want to change the rules of the game
to have 8 lovers instead of seven…

Image Ultra City Smiths

In Ultra City, a corrupt metropolis,
its most important tycoon disappears without a trace. Two intrepid detectives must join forces to solve the mystery and to fight against the dangerous corruption in their city.
although they end up paying a very high price for it

kin image

After the murder of a young man, his family embarks on
a gang war against an international cartelan unwinnable war. It’s David versus Goliath. Outnumbered, outfunded and outgunned, the Kinsellas they take refuge in their Dublin fortress while their businesses fail, and family members and associates are eliminated. However, they have something that the cartel lacks:
the unbreakable bonds that represent blood and family.

trom image

Journalist Hannis Martinson unexpectedly receive a message from Soniaan animal rights activist and environmentalist, who
He affirms that she is his daughter and that her life is in danger. Returning to her home in the Faroe Islands, Hannis
discovers Sonja’s body in the middle of a local whale hunt. Your search for answers soon
brings him into conflict with the local police and a shady web of secrets.

Image In therapy

Paris, 2015. After the Bataclan attacks, the Dr Dayanrenowned psychoanalyst,
He treats a variety of patients in his practice.. A woman who seems to have fallen in love with him, a teenager with suicidal tendencies, a couple that breaks up… Dayan
he will try to shed light on their lives while his own is also reelingbetween memories of the past and the discouragement in which Parisian society has remained.

Documentaries and others

Image The Walking Dead: Origins

The stories of the main characters of ‘The Walking Dead’presented and narrated by the actors who interpret them:
Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Maggie (LaurenCohan)
deny (Jeffrey Dean-Morgan) carol (Melissa McBride), as well as an exclusive preview of season 11.

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