news | Batman: Ben Affleck’s canceled movie promised a very different take on The Dark Knight

Ben Affleck donned the Batman suit for the first time in 2016.

a new era is underway for DC Together james gunn And Peter Safran in charge of the franchisee. just a few days ago girl gadot confirmed the third installment of wonder woman It is still on the list of plans and films in which it appears. the brave and the Boldalso advanced that a batman other than submitted by matt reeves Not long in coming.

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This, added to his most recent statements, confirms ben affleck He’s hung up his cape forever and it’s bittersweet for some fans. Earlier reeves And Robert Pattinson come together to bring batman on the big screen affleck going on to direct and star in another production with death stroke Of Joe Manganiello as one of its main villains.

Robert Pattinson brings to life Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” (2022).

Since then, many positive things have been heard about that script and now a person who was part of the creative process has revealed more about that film. during an interview with keel overfrom storyboard artist DC, hail olivementioned that the unfinished tape ben affleck It was really great. Motive? Based on eight decades of mythology and was deeply researched batman,

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,He was very intelligent and there were many things that I liked. wish they were fruitful“, He added olive in that conversation. ,It was a really cool project at first. Ben had to drop out for personal reasons, and I totally understand that, but the time I spent with Ben working on the project was fantastic.,

Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice was released in 2016 and was directed by Zack Snyder.

in addition to the above draft batman, olive was involved in DCEU Of zack snyder storyboard manager for both Strong Man Like batman vs superman, In form of affleckAs mentioned by the artist, he had to walk away from his film due to personal reasons. This tape was eventually canceled, giving way to a version of matt reeves Will be released in 2022.

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