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Internet and the spread of broadband, with the possibility of working remotely, have created and are continuing to create new professionals. The world of work is changing and very often what was previously taken for granted, that is to physically go to the office or company, is no longer an indisputable dogma.
Net of the digital divide, which unfortunately still splits Italy in half, with the possibility of counting on fast connections especially in the North, but also in the Center of the boot, and much less in the South and in the islands, even a country that is usually reluctant change like ours is opening up more and more to new jobs.
But which are the most popular and requested?

First step, education
A premise is a must. According to a research by the World Economic Forum, reported by Corriere della Sera, as many as 6 out of 10 jobs are still totally to be invented. The first step is therefore to review school curricula, especially strengthening the university centers to adapt them to the needs of the market, today and especially tomorrow.
Many innovative sectors, such as esports for example (video games played at a competitive level), complain about the lack of professional figures: as always happens when a new sector opens up to the world of work, it is difficult to find already trained and experienced personnel. One way to overcome the problem is certainly that of training on the field, but it cannot and must not be the only one.
The ball, from this point of view, passes to the Ministry of Education, too often focused on current matters and not on the development of the school system to keep up with the times.

Work anywhere
As mentioned, one of the challenges that Italy is facing is that of smart working, not to be confused with teleworking. The latter simply means carrying the office work home, working according to the usual hourly rates. Smart working is much more: you work when you want and how you want, because the important thing is not to accumulate hours, but to complete the required tasks within the established deadlines.
This is the life that, for example, SEO Experts or content writers lead, that is, respectively, the professional figures expert in Search Engine Optimization (the optimization of a site on search engines) and those who materially produce the contents (textual in general, but not only) of Internet sites.


Another perfect job for smart working is the Wiki writers, that is the content writer for Wikipedia. In Italy this professional figure is not yet very developed, but according to experts it will be in the coming years.

The works of the present and the future
There has been a lot of talk lately about the role of the talent aggregator. Over time, the economy will be more and more founded on one-spot projects and there will be a need for someone who knows how to suggest to companies the best talents in the required fields: the best content writers, the best video makers, the best analysts and so on. .
On the other hand, a professional figure that is already in great demand is that of the live dealer, indispensable for playing at the Italian casino. Dealers are particularly popular, and in recent years technology has allowed them to recreate the atmosphere of a land-based casino, through the creation of real television studios where the croupiers manage the game tables, connected in live streaming with the users. .

We close with a couple of goodies: the energy collector and the plant engineer. Both architects or engineers, the former has the task of collecting kinetic energy (ie that created with movement) to transform it into electrical energy; the second is a key figure in coordinating the construction and start-up of a plant.
It sounds like science fiction, but it’s reality. Today, and especially tomorrow.


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