Newspaper Today | They uncover shocking statistics of tuberculosis and syphilis co-infection in the country

From the HIV Observatory of the Network of HIV NGOs, he warned about the co-occurrence of the diseases and how it affects the Paraguayan population.

According to the report, it was registered in our country 3,579 new and repeated cases of tuberculosis were reported According to the Ministry of Health, there were 380 deaths in all forms during 2022, of which 348 cases were of TB/HIV. It is important to understand that there is a strong association between TB and HIV which causes the CD4 count to deteriorate and have a negative impact. People living with HIV.

There has also been an increase in our country Of Syphilis In 2021, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health, 7,902 people with syphilis or who had syphilis at some point in their lives were registered in the country. Although within the published data HIV comorbidity data has not been made visible.

Co-infection refers to the situation in which a person is infected with more than one disease or infection at the same time. According to the NGO, to think about the coincidence is also to think about the socio-economic reality of the people, if people do not get drinking water, decent housing or food then we cannot expect better health.

according to him National Institute of Statistics (INE) Establishes that in the year 2021 the population of Paraguay in the state of multidimensional poverty (complementary measure of monetary poverty which also includes work and social security, housing and services, health and environment, education) was 20.76%, i.e. approximately 1,505,422 people above in situation. The incidence in rural areas reached 40.94% (1,094,408 people) compared to 8.98% (411,014 people) in urban areas of the country.

Looking at these developments, the first question we must ask ourselves is, What are municipalities doing in the face of this reality? What public policies are considered to reduce multidimensional poverty?

Similarly, it is also urged to report any violation of human rights within the health system to the Counseling and Complaint Center on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights, which has enabled tools for this purpose: WhatsApp Line, Which is 0985 649 119. Or a free line enabled from Tigo *3535.

At the same time, it is treated in a confidential manner in the premises located at Mexico 732 Cassi Herrera. AleThe NGO also has all social networks and a website: The service is free and confidential.

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