Neymar avoided the worst by plane

The Brazilian international will remember this plane trip. Currently on vacation between the United States and the surrounding islands, Neymar Jr experienced an outdoor incident a few hours ago.

The football star is taking a rest before resuming training with PSG in less than a fortnight. Between Las Vegas, where the player plays poker in particular, and the beautiful beaches of the islands close to the American continent, Neymar Jr enjoys his vacation.

The 30-year-old Brazilian from Paris Saint-Germain took off from Barbados on Tuesday on a private jet. The international with 119 caps with the Auriverdes is forced after a few minutes to a forced landing in the Northeast of Brazil. Many media in England spread the information. The presence of the player on the plane is not yet assured but in any case relatives of the player were present. The reasons for the incident are still unknown.

Despite the lack of gravity at the moment, the number 10 of the capital club should not be full of confidence before taking a plane to cross the Atlantic. For the moment, no press release has been published, either by the player’s relatives or by the principal concerned.

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