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The latest comments made on the performance of Lionel Messi during this Sunday’s match with FC Nantes are not to the taste of Neymar. At the microphone of Prime Videothe Brazilian expressed his annoyance on the various comments on the alleged change of the Argentinian striker. “A new Messi this season? No no, I don’t think so. People talk a lot but don’t know what’s going on inside. Leo is Leo forever: he will not change and will always remain a player who makes a difference”he told the media.

“I hope that all three of us will stay like this this season and that everything will go well for Kylian, Leo and me. If the three of us are good, PSG will be too., he continued after this remarkable performance against FC Nantes. During the Champions trophy, the Ile-de-France club won by a score of 4-0.

A return to Barca?

The Argentinian star scored a goal during the match and stood out for his game. Remember that all this comes in a context where the Barcelona leaders have expressed their wish to see him back at their club. “I wish Messi’s time at Barcelona wasn’t over. I think he deserves a second stop here. I wish “, has indicated Xavi who played alongside the star from 2004 to 2015.

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