Neymar Jr: His private jet lands in an emergency, we have news!

After having had a great season at PSG, Neymar took the time to rest and relax before resuming competition. The Brazilian international had gone to Las Vegas where he had participated in a poker tournament. Passionate about this game, he does not miss a single opportunity to play and thus have fun. The footballer then passed through Miami from where he left for Brazil. However, his trip did not go exactly as he wanted since a major unforeseen event completely disrupted his journey. The private jet he used regularly for his travels having broken down in the sky.

A near miss

We do not yet know exactly what could have happened but one thing is certain, a distress message had emanated from Neymar’s device. Some time later, the private jet landed safely in northeast Brazil. The origin of the detected anomaly being still unknown, the footballer’s fans were reassured that in any case nothing bad happened to him. Note that he was in Miami with his sister Rafaella with whom he had posed on the tarmac before taking off. More fear than harm therefore for Kylian Mbappé’s teammate.

Neymar had as a reminder formalized the romantic relationship he had with Bruna Biancardi a short time ago. This famous influencer is therefore today the one who shares the life of this true heartbreaker. If the two lovebirds share very few details about their relationship, the footballer had therefore left alone on board this private jet which had escaped the drama. Note that the PSG player often uses this device for his long-distance trips. This should ensure that the periodic checks and maintenance that are applied to it are the most rigorous.

A presence still not confirmed

Fortunately, Barbados airport was available at the time for the emergency landing of Neymar’s private jet. What had ensured that the footballer escaped the drama. The information relayed on this subject by our colleagues from The Sun did not say clearly whether the Brazilian star was on board or not. All that is known is that this 30-year-old celebrity is currently safe and ready to return in top form to the competition. The football world cup to be held in Qatar in a few months is fast approaching.

A huge fortune at your disposal

Neymar’s fortune being estimated at several hundred million dollars, you will guess that he is in possession of several private jets all at his disposal. The latter which allow him to move much more quickly and without constraints to the four corners of the world. One of the perks of being an international football celebrity. This incident should in any case encourage him to use another of his devices for his frequent trips since it would be a shame if something happened to him because of a danger he can always avoid. This stay in the United States will have in a completely different context allowed the Brazilian star to recharge his batteries.

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