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Although he is focused on the athlete in this summer of 2022, Neymar is and will always be talked about for other reasons. This is still the case today with its presence in a particular list. More

Neymar, great asset even inactive

The first official match of Neymar version 2022/2023 gave a glimpse of beautiful things. The Brazilian seemed in good shape, on the pitch where he scored and shone against Nantes, but also outside. The Parisian number 10 seems more fulfilled and above all has the desire to have a great season. The traditional return to Barça sold every summer by the Catalan press did not take place during this transfer window. Only the game and football have guided Neymar and his club during this off-season.

A state of mind that will help erase the image that the player has often dragged. Simulator, party animal (especially in February), and prone to injuries. A study of the GEJL Accident Attorneysand relayed by brand, went in this direction. The law firm compiled a list of the 50 players who earned the most money when not playing, due to injury or various absences (bench, suspension, etc.).

This list took into account the athletes with the highest salaries in different sports: American football, basketball, baseball, hockey and football. The calculation was based on several parameters: salaries, the number of potential matches that each could have played in their entire career, and the salary earned for each of these matches played.

The Brazilian is well accompanied

In “soccer”, it is therefore Neymar who monopolizes this first place. The calculation estimates that he earned almost 78 million euros during his absences from the pitch. A staggering number that challenges, since Neymar is not the player most prone to injury either. This is explained by his high salary which makes him a player who fulfills the calculation criteria. This is also the case of his teammate Lionel Messi. The Argentinian is in third place, but with an amount almost half the amount: around 41 million euros.

Neymar and Messi in the top three - Icon Sport
Neymar and Messi in the top three – Icon Sport

Between the two Paris Saint-Germain players is a player who is on the other hand prone to absences: Gareth Bale. The now Los Angeles FC player has often been sidelined, for injuries but also for coach choices. The golf lover has received nearly 60 million euros off the pitch.

Earnings at the height of their fame

This trio and this list obviously does not reflect the hierarchy of players who are the most injured. It is, however, an indicator of athletes with high emoluments. Kylian Mbappé (35 million euros), Cristiano Ronaldo (34 million) and Andrés Iniesta (34 million) are also in this contingent of players. However, football is not the sport that dominates in this ranking, but baseball.

Major League Baseball is well represented since the first four athletes are part of the American league: Justin Verlander, Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw and Precio de David emerge with more than 200 million euros! A considerable gap with the rest of the list and Neymar.

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