NFL 2023: Detroit Lions Preview

NFL 2023: Detroit Lions Preview

5 September 2023
Aidan Hutchinson was very close to being the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2022. // Photo: Pride of Detroit.

2023 season of National Football League (NFL)And more than one fan wonders if it will eventually The year the Detroit Lions would return to the playoffs (has not reached such a position since 2016) and, why not, to win nfc answer At least after 30 years.

led the team Dan Campbell minor to major He has since taken over as head coach. Bad results after 2021, The team knew how to create an explosive offense and an impeccable general attitude, So much so that they finished last year with a 9-8 record (an 8-2 record in the last ten games) and beat green Bay Packers In this lambeau fieldKnowing at the start of that game that he would no longer get a chance to play after the season.

By all accounts it appears that, in a much more accessible division than it was a few years ago and in its weakest conference, Everything is set for Detroit to continue its upward trajectory and finally taste the postseason, Undoubtedly, in view of this, it will be necessary to step forward on the defensive The imbalance between units was evident last year: The offense ranked fourth in yards per game, while the team on the other side of the field ranked worst in the entire league at the same position.

in low season, Lions focus efforts on improving defense, especially on the secondary side. For this they signed cornerback Cameron Sutton ,pittsburgh steelers) And Emmanuel Moseley ,san francisco 49ers), as well as Chauncey Gardner-Johnson ,philadelphia eagles), additions that should undoubtedly represent a marked improvement in this area of ​​the field. They were not behind on the offensive end as well.: Among the most relevant firms are the companies of RB david montgomery ,Chicago Bears) and WR Marvin Jones Jr.Joe returns to Detroit after two seasons jacksonville jaguars,

In this nfl draft 2023 They went to running back in the first round, which is definitely tempting. is about Jahmir GibbsRB’s Alabama, Also in the first round they selected Jack Campbelllb Iowa, the rest were selected Sam Laporta (Tea), Brian Branch (dB), hendon whore (QB), Brodrick Martin (NT), colby sorsdahl (ol) and Antony Green (WR).

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There were many players who terminated their contract and signed with other teams. are cases of deshawn elliott (S), evan brown (C), Austin Bryant (Edge), Dj Chark Jr (WR), chris board (LB), Mike Hughes (BC), amani oruvariye (BC), josh woods (lb) And, most sensitive fall, Jamal Williams, RB who led the league in rushing TDs last year and now he’s gone new orleans saints in free agency.

On their part, the Lions also moved the man picked at third nfl draft 2020, Jeff Okudah, angler Never been able to show regularity due to his injuries in his time in Detroit, and was sent atlanta falcons In exchange for the fifth round of the final draft.

Starting with the most important position of all, it must be said Detroit swore faith in Jared Goff by not going for one of the elite quarterbacks in the first round. (Yes, he didn’t let go of Hendon Hooker in the third round). Goff has made strides with his team in 2022 and has proven to be a functional piece offensively despite his inconsistencies. Whatever is asked of him, the quarterback gives a good answer and This, at least for the time being, is far from the reason this team hasn’t struggled for more.,

they have a solid offensive line and that’s why Last season he passed for 4,000 yards and passed for 2,000 yards for the first time in franchise history., At the grassroots, it’s true that the loss of Jamal Williams can’t be forgotten, but the signing of Montgomery and the addition of Gibbs via the draft backfield should be fine, There’s also plenty of depth in the receiving corps: Amon-Ra Saint Brown here is undoubtedly WR1, One of the most productive in the entire league. jameson williamsWho still has to wait to play after serving a six-match suspension, will look to put behind his poor rookie campaign and show why he was picked in the starting 12. nfl draft 2022, Marvin Jones is a trusted and well-known veteran throughout the house.

Last but not least, It is worth noting that the franchise has been able to retain Ben Johnson, the offensive coordinator. He’s developed chemistry with his quarterback, maintained a creative and balanced attack, and it won’t take long for a team to hire him as a head coach.

Detroit’s defense last year had two major problems, a unit that was clearly the weakest on the team (especially in that 1-6 start). the first came from the ground, and that’s it The Lions’ defense was third-worst in terms of yards allowed per carry., which usually translates into control of the clock by the opponent and more spaces outside for the ultimate passing game. And here comes another topic of discussion: Although the defensive front was able to put pressure on the opposing quarterback (between aidan hutchinson And James Houston combined for 20.5 sacks, a franchise record coming from a rookie). High school was bad.

So, the team focused on both the vulnerabilities. In the first round they took LB Jack Campbell, who may have been a surprise because of the local value, but He could be very useful against the run in Detroit’s 4-3 scheme, Where he invested the most, yes, he was in second place: Completely overhauled secondary, especially with the signing of free agency, CJ Gardner Johnson comes from leading in interceptions to past champion nfc, Emmanuel Moseley showed CB1 status when injuries sidelined him in San Francisco and Cameron Sutton is coming off a lackluster season in which he allowed only 44% pass completion (the fourth best mark by a player since 2016). Also the draft led to Brian Branch being ranked by some as the best safety in the class.

  • @ Kansas City Chiefs – 07/09 – 21:20 ARG (Kickoff – TNF)
  • vs. Seattle Seahawks – 09/17 – 14:00 ARG
  • vs. Atlanta Falcons – 09/24 – 14:00 ARG
  • @ Green Bay Packers – 09/28 – 21:15 ARG (TNF)
  • vs. Carolina Panthers – 08/10 – 14:00 ARG
  • @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 10/15 – 2:00 pm ARG
  • @Baltimore Ravens – 10/22 – 2:00 pm ARG
  • vs. Las Vegas Raiders 10/30 – 21:15 ARG (MNF)
  • @ Los Angeles Chargers – 12/11 – 18:05 ARG
  • vs. Chicago Bears – 11/19 – 15:00 ARG
  • vs. Green Bay Packers – 11/23 – 2:30 PM ARG (Thursday)
  • @New Orleans Saints – 03/12 – 15:00 ARG
  • @Chicago Bears – 10/12 – 15:00 ARG
  • vs. Denver Broncos – 12/17 – Schedule To Be Defined
  • @Minnesota Vikings – 12/24 – 15:00 ARG
  • @Dallas Cowboys – 12/30 – 22:15 erg
  • vs. Minnesota Vikings – 07/1 – schedule to be defined

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You have to be careful when predicting the record of a team that just finished a season doing well, because what happened before is also part of the equation, having said that, Feels like the Detroit Lions are making progress And that, thanks to increased free agency and the natural development of several young players, they should be better this year. It’s hard to predict when a team hasn’t won its division since 1993, but the fact is This year we could see Detroit go 10-7 and capture the NFC North, What could be a conspiracy against this forecast? Mainly pressure: They are no longer the team everyone expects to see loseAnd for the first time in many years, they are in a position to be likely candidates to win their division.

juan vechi

juan vechi

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