NFL Super Bowl LVII is set: Eagles vs Chiefs

  • The game will be played on February 12 and you can follow the transmission from 5 pm on the Televisa and TV Azteca screens.
  • Super Bowl LVII will feature Rihanna’s stellar participation in the halftime show.

There is very little left to live the Super Bowl LVII, the most important American football event of the year and one of the must-see sporting events in 2023; not only because of what happens on the field of play, but also because of the halftime that always breaks audience records for those who are not so big fans of the gridiron.

Now everything is ready for the biggest party in the NFL, which will see its season conclude on next February 12 in Arizona, where the Philadelphia Eagles will face the Cincinnati Bengals Kansas City Chiefs, after a weekend in which the conference finals were played in both the National and the American.

This Sunday, January 29, the Eagles mercilessly crushed the San Francisco 49ers, presenting a 31-7 result to be crowned in the National League, although they did not have a brilliant performance by the stellar Jalen Hurts, they took advantage of the lack of concentration of the visiting defense, the running game scored four times.

NFL Super Bowl LVII is set: Eagles vs Chiefs

In the final of the American Conference, things were not so simple, as both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals offered a great game, fulfilling the expectations of seeing two of the young stellar quarterbacks in the NFL such as Patrick Mhomes and Joe Burrow, both players are called to be heirs to the league and leaders of the new generation of quarterbacks before the imminent departure of legends like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Nick Fole, among others.

It should be noted that the first half of the game ended with a 7-point lead for Kansas City and upon returning from halftime Cincinnati managed to tie the game at 13 points, but Mahomes managed to throw another touchdown pass to put the Chiefs ahead. But the Bengals did not leave things like that and after a loose ball by Mahomes, the Cincinnati team took the opportunity to tie the game again.

In the last quarter with the score tied at 20 points, both teams managed to contain their rival, so the game had to be defined in the last two minutes of play when Joe Burrow lost the opportunity to go ahead on the scoreboard and Mahomes returned to the gridiron to get to the field goal zone and be able to score three points to win and go to Super Bowl LVII.

On the other hand, this year’s main guest is Rihanna, the 34-year-old international star who will be in charge of the halftime show and thus surpass what was done a year ago by Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Mary J, Kendrick Lamar and Blige.

Let’s remember that the halftime show is part of the most important NFL game since 1967 and within this space figures such as The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson have sung, to name a few.

The stadium of the Arizona Cardinals, also known as the State Farm Stadium will be the venue that hosts the NFL final. The place has 63,400 seats and it is the third time that it will have the happiness of having a Super Bowl game on its pitch.

NFL Super Bowl LVII is set: Eagles vs Chiefs

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