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The Government of Nicaragua announced on Friday night the decision to break diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands after accusing it of maintaining an interventionist, interventionist and neo-colonialist position with the Central American country.


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Through a statement, the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry informed the Government of the Netherlands of the decision to immediately discontinue diplomatic relations.

In the text, the government of the Central American country denounced that the Netherlands has offended Nicaraguan families with threats and suspension of works for the common good, such as hospitals for indigenous and Afro-descendant communities.

“We repudiate and condemn the offenses and crimes of that colonialist and neo-colonialist Europe against coveted and attacked countries like ours,” said the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry.

In the note signed by Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, it is stated that the aggressions of the diplomatic delegation of the Netherlands violate the Vienna Convention, a fact that forces them to break diplomatic relations.

Nicaragua took the diplomatic measure hours after the country’s president, Daniel Ortega, announced that his government did not want to have ties with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which he described as “interventionist.”

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