Nicaragua prohibits tourists from bringing night vision binoculars and certain types of cameras into the country

(CNN Spanish) — The Nicaraguan government reported that tourists will be restricted from entering the country of audiovisual equipment such as photographic and video cameras, night vision binoculars and some camera accessories.

The information was released through a statement signed by the director of Customs Services, Eddy Medrano Soto. The statement specifies a list of all items that are prohibited to travelers.

The measure indicates that tourists may only carry “a photographic device and a long-sighted glass” upon entering Nicaragua.

People who break the new rule could be subject to fines and confiscation of equipment.

The circular from the government of President Ortega adds that anyone who wants to travel to Nicaragua with recording equipment other than the one allowed must request a permit from the National Cinematheque so that it can process an endorsement.

In the case of binoculars, those of the night vision type are totally prohibited since, according to the statement, they are “for the private use” of the Army and the Police. Other types of binoculars could be entered, although they must be authorized by the security forces.

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